Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Abundance of Cling Wrap

We love to go to the store and stock up on those necessities we use so often. Cling wrap is one of them. That sticky stuff holds everything in just where we like it. We don't want anything to spill out. We like it to be as clingy as possible. The more clingy the better.
Believe it or not, cling wrap went through my mind all night long. What a thing to have flowing through your mind at night, right? Well, I decided I am like that cling wrap. Yep, put me on a shelf and you could sell me as the very best at clinging.

I am that momma who would love it if her children were just to stay at home forever! I know, I have it bad. I am not so ready for that empty nest, and we only have one more to go. Now really there are two sides to this story. Although I am clingy, I want my children to soar. I want them to chase their dreams and live life to the fullest. I want them to have a life filled with love, laughter and the endless stream of possibilities. I love watching them grow and achieving wonderful things. But. Isn't there always a but somewhere to add on? See, those buts are are clingy words. I am not so sure why I am so clingy. Maybe it's having a house filled with laughter for so long. Seeing all the memories in each room and hearing all those sounds of children, teenagers, and yes, even those days when you thought you would pull your hair out. The dirty socks on the bathroom floor, the clothes that never get to the hamper, the soda can left by the bed and the endless sound of the phone ringing all night long. Sights, sounds, and smells, yes, even smells filled our house for so many years. The smell of boys after a sweaty day, and not wanting to take a bath, and now it's splashing on cologne for the world to smell. The girls waft of vanilla that filled the hallway coming from their bedroom. And that sound of music as they danced through the kitchen. All those birthday cakes and Christmas trees put up together. Laying in the sun with my girls and having my son want to join in. The school books that covered our tables and floors. It seems in the midst of all that somewhere time just flew by.

We seem to almost take all those little moments for granite, thinking tomorrow is near, but tomorrow ends and you are left thinking of yesterday. We think those first years are so tough, but no, the teenage years have those beat. But whether my kids were looking up at me, or later as they grew, looking down into my eyes I loved each minute. Time is a funny thing. We spend wishing for them to grow out of their diapers, only to find ourselves wishing we could hold them like we use to.

Having three of my own and two step children, we always had a house full, especially when friends came over or those boy friends you watched so closely. From bicycles to cars is just about how it goes. We watch them learn to ride with training wheels side by side in the drive way, and soon, oh too soon, they are now driving away by themselves.

I am learning to keep that cling wrap on the shelf. I try not to get it out, but it's there. I think it just comes along in the gift package of motherhood.We should just give it as a door prize at all those baby showers we go. It's one of those things our children say they don't like, but one day they too will know how easy it is to pull out that cling wrap and use it themselves. I think it is just part of life, learning to hold and let go. Almost a catch and release. You catch them and see the beauty before you, only knowing you must release to allow them to grow and bloom on their own.

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. It is one of those that you learn as you go. Each child is kind a new experiment. And if we are blessed we get better at it as we go.After five, you have to get it right at some point, right? I think my children grew me. My children have such an impact on my life and who I am. Each one shinning in their own way, but are still a reflection of me in some way. I pray they see that as an honor. For each little hand print they have left on my heart, leaves me with such grace and beauty. Memories to last forever.

I am finding the less cling wrap I use the sweeter life really is. It hurts a bit to let go. Okay, let's be serious. It hurts a lot to let go. But I think it would hurt a lot more not to watch them grow. It is now their turn to spread their wings and take flight. It's their turn to see all the sights and grow in ways like never before.

There is one I pray they cling to forever, and that is Jesus Christ. My prayer for my children is to find themselves wrapped in His love. And may us clingy mother's find ourselves wrapped there too!


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