Thursday, June 10, 2010


As you are waking today is there a Goliath knocking on your door? Maybe he is standing there ready for a fight today. So what will you do? Back away? Duck for cover or will face him head on?
This week my Goliath has been my health again. I am waking in pain and trying to move about, but it is anything but easy. Ever hear of a sacroiliac? It's in our lower back, and when it's inflamed you will know, believe me. Fibromyalgia can cause severe pain everywhere, causing inflammation. I could crawl back into bed, cover up and cry in my pain, or I have the choice to wake up with a smile, see the sun streaming in and face that giant with a new strength from God. Today I am choosing God and asking Him for strength. Some days, well, I seem to take the lower road and let the pain get the best of me. Some days I am just afraid to face that giant, but I am learning that when I face it head on, I am not only growing, but am facing opportunities all around me for the Lord. Giving up does nothing. There is no gain there. If anything, it only gives that Goliath advancement into our territory where we should be allowing God to be our strong tower. Too many times we leave God out of the picture because of what we are afraid He will have us face. But the safest place to be is in His presence, in His will for us.
Listen to these verses in James 1:2-4 "Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. for you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing."
Wow! What a word for us to lean on, to strive forward with, to fill our hearts with joy! When we walk away from those giants we are walking away from a faith that will not only help us to endure, but overcome. I am a wanderer at times. I allow those fears to overtake me, and leave my faith behind. As I grow with each trial, I am learning to face them head on, leaning on Christ, and gaining endurance.
Our lives are just like a race. We must train, we must keep in step, and keep our eyes on the prize. Our race is a long one, and when that pain kicks in, we must not allow it to overtake us, but learn to endure with a new strength found only in Christ. With each stumble, with each fall, we must get back up, lace those shoes and begin again. Facing whatever is on that road with wisdom and a certainty that Christ is there with us, leading us and will be there until the end. He will be there when we cross that finish line and leap with joy with us. That is why when each trial comes we must not look at it with fear, but joy. I know that is a hard concept to gather in our heads. How can we face fear with joy? We can face anything when we have Jesus with us! He is bigger than any Goliath that will ever come our way. Whatever your Goliath is today, you can face him with Jesus. You can be assured there will be more to come, bigger, and stronger ones to face, but we can face them with the assurance that Christ has already won and He is on our side!
Endurance isn't something that just happens overnight. It is a process, a long, slow, process, and within each trial or temptation we face head on, will bring new blessings, new opportunities, and new growth. Christ's walk was not easy, nor was His death. Why would He ask anything less of us? What He did, was not for Him, but for us. So that we could walk in freedom, in joy, and have lasting life with Him. When I think of all that Christ went through just so I could have life, it changes the whole picture away from me to Him. Whatever comes into my life I know that there is a purpose and plan. I may not understand just then, but I am learning to just trust Jesus. Believe in Him and His plan for my life, knowing whatever is in store, He will face it with me, and bring me through, making my life an extension of His love.
Wherever you are today my friend, whatever you are facing, you are not alone. Face those giants today, endure the trial, and you will see great blessings abound in your life.


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