Friday, June 11, 2010

LETS CHAT FRIDAY with Julie Miller Gorman

Today I am honored to share with you a woman I admire and one who encourages me greatly. Julie Gorman is an author, speaker, radio show host, but first and formost she is a Christian, a woman after God's own heart, and I love that about her. She is real and only wants to serve God with a passion. I am blessed to call her friend and even more so my sister in Christ. So, lets begin our chat!
(Robin) Julie, tell me a little about yourself
(Julie) First, let me just say thanks Robin for sharing my life and testimony on your site. You are such a beautiful lady. I hope my testimony and this interview encourages your readers.I’m a simple lady who passionately loves God, my husband, and three beautiful children. I’m privileged to serve God in full time ministry. I speak at conferences on the hope found only in God’s grace. My current conference series is “Discovering, Developing, & Doing Your Passion”. I host a Blog Talk Radio Broadcast on CWA (check out: am currently working on my third book When He Whispers…God’s Speaking Even When You Think He Isn’t. In addition to all of this wonderful fun, I also write a short daily devotional on husband, Greg, and I also travel and teach at Marriage Retreats and Conferences sharing on the Power of a Christ Centered Marriage!I truly am blessed. God has been so good to me.
(Robin) Since you have walked with the Lord has there been a time you struggled in your faith? If so, would you please share?
(Julie) Oh my goodness yes. I can’t think of anyone who has been a Christian for any length of time that hasn’t. For me my biggest disappointment and struggle happened when I went through a divorce. For me, divorce was never an option...but unfortunately became an unexpected reality. During the months that followed my divorce, my life spiraled down a long dark hole of depression. Not only did I experience the pain of separation …I also lost my ministerial credentialing with the denomination I had been affiliated with. At the time, that particular denomination didn’t allow someone who was divorced to be credentialed with them. I started making horrible decisions. One night while sitting at the end of a bar, the Spirit of God whispered to my heart, “Julie, there is no where you can go that my grace won’t find you still.” In the midst of my backsliding, God showed up in a bar and demonstrated His unconditional love. Needless to say, I left the bar and never went back. God reignited my passion for Him and actually uses the pain of my divorce to minister the beauty of God’s love and restoration. Those seasons of pain prepared my heart to not judge…there is only one Judge…and what He demonstrated to me was amazing mercy! Now I love to share on the hope found only in Him.
(Robin) Has there been an "aha" moment in your life that has changed your perspective?
(Julie) Hmmmm…I think I have them every day. LOL. Truthfully, God is always changing and teaching me. Just when I think I’ve figured it all out He reveals more of His love and mercy and power and completely blows me away. However, one thought in particular comes to mind…After my divorce, I eventually remarried, and became extremely successful in corporate America. So when God began to prepare my heart that he wanted me to go back into full time ministry, I laughed. I replied, “But God, I’m divorced!”And once again, God very lovingly surprised me with His grace and impressed these words in my mind, “Julie, the things you think disqualify you will be the very platform from which you’ll stand.”I knew in a moment what I needed to do. And for a brief moment I had that “aha” moment. You see, it’s never been about me, my abilities, or my power. My righteousness is but filthy rags. It’s always been about God, His Grace, His Power, and His Promises! He has called each one of us to a specific task that only we can fulfill. It’s not for us to argue about our inadequacies…we need to simply obey and say, “Here am I Lord, send me.”
(Robin) Do you have a favorite bible story, verse, song or hymn that gives encouragement when struggles come?
(Julie) My husband always laughs at me that I have more of the Bible highlighted than I don’t. LOL. But one of my favorite verses is found in Isa 43:1-5, “But now, this is what the LORD says — he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers,they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead. Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid, for I am with you…) NIVI also love the story of David and Goliath…I love how David acknowledges Goliath but reminds Him that victory isn’t found in swords or shields but IN GOD and GOD ALONE! This story always helps to remind me that no matter how dismal my circumstances there is ONE far greater than my biggest enemy…and He will bring my giant to his knees!
(Robin) What is one thing you look for in a close friend and what is one quality you hope others see in you?
(Julie) Great question. Hmmm. A close friend has to be REAL. Real to share life with. Life is messy. It rarely looks like what we think it will. My closest friends walk out life transparently. They love me and they love God. I’m so privileged to be surrounded by people who encourage me and help me to remember to look to God.I hope that when others view my life, they witness my love for God and feel His love in my words and actions. I hope to encourage and serve others with no selfish motive, simply loving them like God has loved me!
(Robin) What are a few of your favorite books you have in your collection you would share with a friend?
(Julie) Love the book Me, Myself, and Bob!—Phil VischerLife Giving—Tammy MaltbyVictory Over Darkness—Neil AndersonAnything Max Lucado but especially—Facing Your GiantsAnd, anything by CS Lewis, Tozer, Murray, or Bounds
(Robin) When life seems to go crazy, what is one thing you do to bring comfort and peace?
(Julie) I stop the craziness by playing praise CDs, sending the kids off with my hubby, and spending extra time talking with God. As I talk with Him, I purposely make myself shut up and I sit in the quiet listening. Inevitably, God speaks. I write down what He shares and find the courage to press on. Writing seems to be my venue of expression so I also write a lot. Every morning I sit quietly until I hear from God, once He speaks a lesson to my heart I write it down and post it on my blog-site at
(Robin) What is one thing about yourself you admire?
(Julie) LOL. Oh you are too funny. What a great question and one I think we should all be able to answer quickly. It’s not wrong to admire qualities God has given us…so the gift I love that God gave me is my passion for Him. I truly want to love Him and serve Him with all my heart. I want my life to count for Him.
(Robin) What are a few of the things you love surrounding you?
(Julie) People like you. My dear wonderful husband—who is my best friend. Greg’s passion is contagious. He turned my world upside down, helping me turn from a born and bread pessimist to believing for God’s best! My wonderfully crazy children—Courtney is getting ready to turn sweet 16 and has never been kissed. She is such a great example of poise and grace. She’s slow to anger and eager to please. Sommer is 10 and full of life. She makes me laugh and helps me remember to not be so serious. She has the world by its tail and will accomplish the impossible. Joshua truly is the most merciful and compassionate people I have ever come in contact with. He’s only eight but already has mastered the heart of a servant. I couldn’t be more blessed.
(Robin) What are your deepest passions?
(Julie) To glorify God with my life. To be known by Him as a Woman after His own Heart! To empower and equip the saints for service, teaching them to Discover, Develop, & Do Their Passion!
(Robin) What is the best advice ever given to you?
(Julie) Ironically, I can’t remember the exact words, LOL, but I once read, “When you don’t understand God’s ways, trust His heart.” Anyone know who wrote it?
(Robin) In the legacy you leave, what is one thing you hope out shines before all others?
(Julie) My hope and prayer is that my family, friends, and especially my children will have experienced the evidence of God’s love and mercy in my life and actions. That they will know that God’s love for them is unconditional. And…just how marvelously He made each one of them and equipped them for service. Ephesians 2:8-10 says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. “NIV
(Robin) What are you currently working on?
(Julie) My next book is entitled: When He Whispers…God’s Speaking Even When You Think He Isn’t. When He Whispers is unique, expounding on both the practical and spiritual “how to’s” of hearing God’s voice. Each chapter packs insightful spiritual applications and offers detailed steps to approaching God intimately, practically.As I travel teaching and ministering each week, the unanimous question I get from women is, “How do you really hear from God?”When He Whispers moves the reader past theories by leading them through simple prayers that help them experience God more intimately. It tackles the elementary question “Yah, but how?” with amazing proven steps.Bottom line-- When it comes to hearing God’s voice, readers want more than great illustrations and information; they want duplicate able, proven, practical steps; When He Whispers delivers them all.
(Robin) How do you define success?
(Julie) In a single word—Obedience. God calls each one of us to unique tasks. What we do isn’t compared against one another or weighed against worldly philosophies…success to me will be measured in one phrase at the end of time… “Well done good and faithful servant.”
Julie, thank you so very much for giving your time and sharing your heart. What delightful answers to bless those reading. You are a rich blessing to my life and to all those who know you. Friends, Julie has given all of her links to all she is doing. You can reach her by just clicking on. I also have her blog link at the side of my blog in my favorites for you to find. I pray you are as blessed and encouraged as I. Thank you again Julie. You bring hope to all women, and inspire us through your life.


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