Thursday, June 3, 2010


The late 1800's was hard for any young woman with a dream, let alone a dream her parents would not be too happy with. We meet Lilly Westbrook in this historical romance. Lilly is very wealthy, living in a well to do neighborhood, with a name everyone knows. She is set to marry one, but her heart is stirred by another. This is a young woman with much on her plate, love, dreams and writing. Not just any writing, but dime store novels that those love struck ladies love to read. As she pours her heart out in each one, she is finding a bit of herself. She has many choices to make as one comes into her life that might just give her secret away before she is ready to reveal herself as the writer. Lilly writes under another name, which I find adds much to this story about who she really is, a wealthy, young girl who must live with the standards her family has set, and she does not want to disappoint them, nor the young men she cares deeply for. She is seeking to find herself and as she writes under another pen name, she finally finds herself and is ready to make the decisions before her. We get to see Lilly grow from this young girl into a woman who knows who she is. I enjoyed this book as it takes you back in time to a place that we all love to take a peek in and dream just as Lilly.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for its review.


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