Thursday, June 3, 2010


You will be captivated by this book when you begin to turn the pages. There are no coincidences in life as we see clearly from this book. God is moving behind the scenes in this beautifully told story that will be released in November 2010 by Abingdon Press. Vanessa Miller grabs our hearts as she tells the story of two families, two totally different families coming together.
Deidre Morris is a principal at the school where Jamal heads to every day. Deidre sees something special in this little boy, but is not quite sure what yet. Deidre is fighting secrets of her past as she is trying to face the future with her husband, Johnson. They are trying to have children, but the process is not going as planned. Only Deidre holds the key to her husband understanding why.

Through Jamal we meet his mother, Kenisha Smalls. Kenisha has grown up in poverty, and with a family that is far from being together. She too is running from her past as she is facing her future with cancer. She is taking treatments, but the cancer is gaining ground quickly. She too needs to unveil her secret that she is holding, let go of the past and live in the now.

As Kenisha is fighting for life, she and Deidre become acquainted. At first they do not hit it off, but God has other plans for them. We see this friendship blossom, we see both of these women grow, and we see their families come together for one last day, Christmas.

I must say, I loved this story. There is forgiveness, redemption, and grace. My favorite part is the epilogue where Kenisha shines light on a place far more beautiful than we can ever imagine, but I will leave that for you to read. You will be blessed as I was. We learn to let go of the past, let go of secrets, and live for each day.

This book was a gift by Abingdon Press for its review.

Vanessa Miller is a bestselling author, playwright, and motivational speaker, who understands that all gifts come from God, and has written redemption stories in her Rain Series and Storm Series. Her novels have received rave reviews and won several awards. Vanessa is a dedicated Christian and devoted mother who lives in the Dayton, Ohio, area. Visit her on the Web at


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