Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In a country at war, in a country where oil is destroying all that it touches, where are we to find encouragement? When you see poor right next door, when your friends are dying of diseases, where do we turn? When all around us is falling apart piece by piece, what do we do?

We live in a country where abortion is legal. Your neighbor is a thief, and predators are seeking our children as they walk home from school. We live in a fallen world. A world where right is wrong, and wrong is right. We no longer read from the bible at school, but hand out condoms to babies that cannot even get their ears pierced without their parents signature. Where do we go from here?

We go to our knees. We pray for those babies, for those mothers, for those solders, those who are sick and cannot pay for their own medications. We step out of our box and take a stand. We voice our hearts and live in such a way that others see a difference.

I can go to our local gas station to fill up and watch men and women walk out with twelve packs to start their day. No judgement here, only sadness, sadness for those who are hurting themselves. Life is hard, but there is a better way.

I look at a world where music is being sang with a good beat and words that take us farther away from who really are. I see billboards tempting others to go gamble their money away, leaving nothing for their house payment or food for their families. We see suicide at a high, depression and pills being passed out by the hand fulls to make people happier. May I just say, a pill is not going to solve what is really wrong in a fallen world.

Families are broken, marriage is no more a vow, but a feeling that doesn't last. Homes are torn apart because we forget what time together is.

We have elderly that are lost and alone. Does anyone care anymore? What's right is wrong and what's wrong is right. You say, "I thought this was Encouragement Tuesday." To be encouraged we first must wake to all around us, and stop ignoring the pain just because it is not at our front door. If it doesn't effect us we don't much think about it. You see those interviewed on television, saying, "I never thought that would happen here." I live in the Meth capitol of the world. Yes, here in the sweet country, where horses are grazing, cows are moving, and roosters are crowing.

When are we going to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves? Remember that Constitution? Remember Independence Day? All those documents were not for what man wanted,but for what man needed. God was right there in the midst of those signing, those who would look upon us today and ask, "Why? How could you just stand by and let this happen to our country, a country we stood for and prayed for?"Can you hear their voices? What about those soldiers? Those precious babies? Can you hear the drug addict crying out for help? Can you see the girl sitting next to you in pain or are we just too caught up in US?

Encouragement is reaching out. It is taking a stand. It is walking like Christ. It is doing what is right even though those around are not. Encouragement is taking the hand of another and walking that weary road with them. Encouragement is smiling at that young boy who looks different. It's stepping out and looking at others. It's loving those around us.

We seem to go about our days, just thinking of what outfit we will wear today. What we are having for lunch, and where we will be going with friends. We forget all around us, for we have our own troubles, but what about Jesus? He chose to come, to live, and to die for us. What are we willing to do for others? I don't mean those friends we call everyday, I mean those who are not like us, those less fortunate, those who are hurting.

Today is a day that carries twenty-four hours. In those twenty-four hours we can make a difference. If we just step out and touch another each day, if we just share Jesus with a fallen world look at the possibilities~! Jesus had twelve disciples, and look what just twelve did. It's time to live what we say we believe. It's time to walk the talk, not just talk the talk.

One hand reaching out will touch many. One person can change the world. One person can change the life of another just by choosing to love instead of hate.

So today, I encourage you to make a difference, to step out of that box, let fear aside, and just with your faith, let Jesus live through you and I. Can you see it? Can you see the world if we just chose to live what we say we believe? Let us do this together, one step at a time we can reach this world, those right next door if we just start within ourselves and look out with eyes like Jesus.

Micah 6:8 "No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: To do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Just think, three simple acts, three simple gifts, could not only change us, but those around us. Today is the day we can begin and so, what are we waiting for? Go out there an encourage!


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