Sunday, June 27, 2010

A date? Really?

This weekend I had a date with my husband. Yes, a date! Do you know how long it has been since we went on a date? Well, it's been so long I can't even tell you. When you raise five children, when your priorities change, and live becomes a buzz, you lose those date nights. I should say, you have no energy for date nights after all you have done throughout the day. But I must say, after nineteen years, we are getting back into the swing of things. With one still at home in the nest, we are able to spend more time together. That is when he is not working fourteen hour days, and sleeping throughout the day, and well, you get the picture.
There are times in our marriage where we let our relationship fall aside, as we put our children first. We look back now and wish we would have made it a priority of making time for one another. It seems you don't really see how much time you have spent apart until your nest is almost empty and you are now looking for new things to do! It seems as though when we are married and have children, more times than not we are mom and dad, instead of husband and wife.

I remember when we first met and all those dates we had. All the time we spent together, and then after a while that time got less and less and more with our children. We loved doing things as a family, and most of the time if we did do anything that is exactly how we spend our time, as a family. But then when you are out and you find yourself without children, you begin to think upon them still yet! You see something one would love, and another that reminds you of one. The love of a parent doesn't end even though their children are no longer at home, if anything it grows stronger.

So, yesterday we find ourselves on a date. Wow! I gotta say, I was really excited, and my husband was too. We had dinner, a great drive, and found ourselves in the city. May I just say, that is something my husband rarely does. This country boy has all he needs right here surrounded by hay and farm land! We found ourselves at the mall of all places. We walked holding hands, shopping, picking out things we liked, loved and dreamed of having, but we left empty of bags, but full of love and laughter. We passed up the tools as headed for the purses, dresses and discovered cookware my husband dreams of having, but would rather keep his truck! Maybe he would be happy if I just used the cookware we have here at home more often!

It was a wonderful day out for the both of us, just sharing, laughing and dreaming together as we once did oh, so very often. It's funny how marriage changes, and the more around us, the less we see each other. I am going to make more of a priority knocking myself out for my husband. I want to plan dates, and reunite what we have left aside while raising children. If there is any advice I could share with you today it would be, make your marriage your priority. If your marriage is your priority your children will see that and be forever blessed. Take time with one another, and more importantly, make time for one another. Do things the other loves, you never know, you might just fall in love with hunting as I did, might find yourself learning all the parts of a car, and love just watching those meaningless movies that crash, gush, and overcome the impossible. But isn't that what marriage is at times? Over coming the impossible? Make all your dreams possible. I love just walking along and holding my husband's hand as walk through the mall, growing closer, dreaming together and just reaching for more.


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