Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mariette Puttnam has lived a life of privledge, now graduated from an all girls school, she is finding herself. Her father wants her to go to college, but her mother dreams of building her future for her, with a husband and children, just as she has. But Mariette is not quite sure she is ready for marriage and doesn't know if her father's footsteps are those she wants to fill. Although having a life of privledge has its glamor, Mariette has always felt as though she just didn't fit right in any circle, until she meets Thane Scott. As soon as their eyes meet love happens, only Thane is not from privledge. He works for Mariette's father, at the company. As Mariette's heart stirs, her parents anger stirs to a high and she is banished from seeing Thane, but that doesn't stop their love from growing. They leave, marrying and beginning a life together, a life of a different privledge, a life Mariette has never known. As we watch Mariette grow into a woman, we see Thane release his past and head for a future in serving the Lord. As Thane serves as a Pastor, Mariette doesn't really understand having a relationship with the Lord. As each one blossoms into who the Lord created them to be, we see their love really grow miles. We see life as it happens in the 1960's. We watch them struggle, hurt and go through loss, but they are never alone. We see blessings come as they grow. As they grow we see Mariette's parents accept Thane for the man of God he has become. He has proven there is more than just a fine life, there is a purpose and plan for us all. I loved this book. I loved how Eva wove these characters together and knit them into a family we can all relate to in one way or another. These characters come alive and you begin to see the Lord move and work in their lives. I loved the part where Mariette finally comes to see the Lord for who He is, her Savior. This book just only got better as each chapter passed, and you were left wanting more.
This book was a gift from Revell for its review and will be available May 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
Eva Marie Everson is a successful speaker, a popular radio personality, and the award-winning author of Things Left Unspoken. She is coauthor of The Potluck Club series and The Potluck Catering Club series. She lives in Florida.


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