Friday, May 14, 2010

everyone move in

When you step up to bat in our church league you already have one strike against you. Not really sure why, but it saves time and the game ends sooner. Sometimes much too soon. Each team must have two girls playing. If not, they can have one, but then you must play with one less man (now that I have the rules out there for you, we can move forward).
I love playing softball, and have since I was a little girl. I no longer dive for the ball and can't move about as I once did, but I still have much fun. I usually play second base. Now when I was younger I could play short stop and I loved it! The faster the ball the better.

I enjoy all the facets of the game, but one of the things that most intrigues me is when a girl gets up to bat. Now, when a big man gets up to bat what do you think happens? Everyone moves back, well, this is not so when a girl gets up to bat. When they see me walking up to bat, you hear the dreaded words, "Move in guys!" I gotta say, I hate those words. Now, I might be almost 5'4, but I can still swing a bat. I love as I stand there waiting for the right pitch, and when you see the ball coming, you just know this one is your pitch. You swing and you feel the ball hit that sweet part of the bat, and there that ball flies. It doesn't stay in the infield, it goes to the outfield over their heads!

Now, do I ever hit a home run? No. And many times even though I hit the ball hard they catch it, but the point is, why do they think just because a girl is up to bat she will do less? I have seen big men get up to bat, swing like the wind and strike out. No one moves in when a big man is up to bat. They think, or just assume he will hit the ball out of the park. Its when a smaller person gets up to bat that everyone moves in. And may I just say, when a girl is playing second, there are times a man will try to hit the ball over to second because he thinks she will not get it, and boy do I love when I catch those.

As I look at 1 Samuel 17 I read the story of David and Goliath. Of course, Goliath is huge, where David, lets just say he is not a big man. When Goliath comes around everyone moves back, afraid. But when David comes forth with those five smooth stones, what happens? Everyone moves in, and laughs, thinking, "Does this little guy really think he can conquer us?" This is why I just love this story so much. I love when the little guy wins. I love win the underdog goes forward making his move. No one, including those who knew David thought he could over power Goliath. They thought this was a suicide mission for David. What was he thinking anyway. They tried to dress David up so he appeared bigger, but David wouldn't wear all the gear. It was bulky and it wasn't him.

Do I think David had a little fear? Probably, but He knew God was bigger. Did David really think he could beat Goliath? Probably not, but he knew God could. See, as small as David was, he knew just how big God was. He had faith, not in himself, but in God.

So David gets up to bat, everyone moves in, and David takes his swing. He has one strike against him, his size, but he stands ready and willing to face this giant before him. And what happens? David swings his first stone, and Goliath goes down hard. So, why the five stones? Why didn't he just have one? People have asked that many times, and you know, I still don't know why he had five stones, but he showed with God all he needed was one. Maybe thats it. We can be prepared, but with God on our side, all we need is to step up to the plate and He will give us all we need in that one swing.

Whatever giant you are facing today, you can face it with Christ. When you step up to bat, God is right there with you. There is no fear in God, and in God all fear is removed. Whether others are moving in, you can swing over their heads with the power of God on your side. Don't let those big boys scare you. Whatever pitches you are getting today, you can stand and wait for the right one, and God will tell you when to swing!

Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."


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