Friday, May 7, 2010

sweet succotash

A few days ago I was watching a cooking program and do you know what they were making? That's right, succotash, and do you know this girl has never even tasted any, much less heard of it?
As I learned about the real succotash, I was amazed again at just how God provides everything we need. The Pilgrims planted corn, beans and pumpkin all together as well as the settlers, and they made all three in a dish.

What got me was the ALL THREE. See when they made this dish, this dish had every nutrient they needed. It gave all the sustenance they needed for survival. It not only tasted good, it was good for them.

Now, can you see these families sitting around their table eating this succotash dish, and leaving the table not only full, but with a smile. Just three simple vegetables were brought together, planted together, and eaten together, to bring all they needed together as one.

This reminds of the the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. ALL THREE are different, and unique in their own way, but then when brought together even sweeter. These Three, are all we need for life, for sustenance, and for nourishment to our soul for our spiritual growth.

God shows Himself to us in so many ways that never ceases to amaze me. As we need food for survival, God knows exactly what we need and how much, and He can supply all our needs. Not only for our bodies, but for our souls.

I think I just might try making this dish, this succotash for my family. Now as I see this dish it will forever remind me of just how God supplies all our needs. And how three-in-one is really special, even down right good!


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