Monday, May 3, 2010

sit and have a cup with me

I love sharing coffee with a friend. I love sharing period, the coffee is just an added blessing. A few days ago, a friend and I shared how much we would love to meet one day and share a cup of coffee. Although we do not know God's plans, maybe He already has this planned, but until then we will be blessed with a friendship that brings a smile. She shared, "You know, each morning as we do our devotions, as we have our coffee, we could pray for one another, and it would be like sharing a cup together." What a beautiful idea, and what a special friend to suggest so.
I have always thought it to be wonderful to have a neighbor across your back door, who could come over each morning, sitting on the deck and sharing a cup of coffee to begin the day. It is often hard for friends to get together. I think it would be a blessing if we just made more of an effort to reach out to each other. As time goes by we miss out on so much, and what a blessing to have a sweet friend standing with you.

I have met these amazing sisters in Christ on line who have brought such meaning and blessing to my life each day. I have hopes of meeting many of them one day, but if not, I'm sure heaven has the best coffee ever.

So, as you sit down this morning with your coffee, who is that you would like to share a cup with? Maybe its your husband who is rushing out the door. Maybe its your sister you haven't seen for years. Maybe its that friend you haven't called in forever. But what if you could share a cup with someone you have never met? Maybe someone today or from the past? Who would you choose?

I think of Mary Magdalene. Maybe she would share what her life was like to follow Jesus as a woman of that time. What of Peter and the forgiveness he was given? Paul and his life as Saul before the transformation? Joseph? What was it like being mistreated by his brothers, but favored by God? The woman with the bleeding disorder? Maybe she could share her great faith? Noah, wow, what was it like to build that ark while everyone passed in laughter and unbelief? Maybe Ruth and Naomi could shed some light on this mother in law- daughter in lay thing? I think of Mary, and what was it like to be so young and pregnant with the Savior of the world.

Oh, the stories we could hear over a cup of coffee. Although we may not know all about them, we can share with them in God's word over coffee. As we sip our coffee bringing warmth to our bodies, His word can fill our soul with awe and wonder. Just being in God's word and hearing of those who lived for Him, those who struggled and those who conquered gives me hope. Hearing of the healing, the forgiveness, and the love just brings peace. Reading of those who made such mistakes tripping up over their own sin, but went on to live wondrous lives for Christ, gives this girl hope with deliverance through Christ Jesus.

We can read of the chains broken, the unbelief turned to belief, and the broken raised from the dead. We read about life given, and loss turned into gain.

There is no book like God's word, the bible. No book could be in our hands that means more to our lives. Each word shared, each word given was meant for us, God's children.

As you wake, don't think your missing out. Pick up your cup as you pick up your bible, and you can get as many refills as you need. Each cup will have just the perfect amount of sugar and cream. And as you open your heart, you will be filled as God shares all there is before you. Drink it up, enjoy each last drop, for He has much more for you each morning, if we will just take the time and invite Him in.


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