Thursday, May 20, 2010

oops, I missed that

What a week it has been already. You know those lovely little statements you receive in the mail from the bank, usually they are pink when something is wrong? Oh, my goodness. I must say we received more than one, even quite a few.
Seeing these lovely little slips coming, my husband went down to the bank to see what is wrong, and just as I had suspected, I am the one who made the mistake. Just one simple wrong number in the wrong place under the wrong title and before we knew it there were many to follow.

I didn't even see the mistake. I thought all was good, but it was there hiding in wait. Oh, and as it was hiding, there were only more to follow in its path. You know what my thoughts were? "My husband is going to kill me!" But as he walked in the door, he just looked at me with a smile and said, "We have it all figured out." I asked what it was and then there right before me was my mistake, but instead of tears falling for my mishap, they fell instead in my husband's love. He wasn't angry at all. In fact he said, "It was just a mistake, we all make them, and its okay." Much money in fees later, I knew again the meaning of grace. I felt the love, forgiveness and grace from a man I adore.

Isn't so true that we all make mistakes, but when we make them I think we are often harder on ourselves than others. But just as I was blessed with more grace I was also reminded of how one mistake can lead to others and how easy they build up, and then our eyes are opened when it hits us full force.Sometimes our sins can begin to add up just as those numbers on our register. They add up before we know it and then we have a huge lump sum with no idea of how to pay it. But praise Jesus, He has paid for my sins and my register is signed by His name, "Paid in Full!"
Sometimes we are not the ones who catch our mistake, but another is, and we can embrace that with love or turn from it in anger. If that mistake is brought to our eyes in love from another I don't think we can do anything but receive it in love. Now, if it is brought to us in anger, well, we almost always turn away in more anger.

I forever am amazed at the lessons I am learning each day. I love when I learn from others and whether I catch my mishap or another does, it only makes my life grow richer, and isn't it often lessons that set us on the course for learning?

See, if that little oops was not caught in time it would have only added more dread for us. That is why we need to be focused on Christ daily, keeping check, making sure we are good to go forward. Just as I was not too focused on the checkbook at hand. I hurried through it, and therefore didn't catch my mistake. Now, I will pay more attention to what is before me and keep learning from what is behind me.


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