Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There are four books in this series: 1) Land of My Heart 2) The Coming Storm 3) To Dream Anew and 4) The Hope Within.
When I opened the first book I found myself enthralled in this timeless collection that opens up in the 1860's I was taken to another place and time. You meet characters that are real, and steadfast in their quest for change. Life is hard, but through the trials the Lord bestows upon these wonderful characters grace, love, mercy and strength to make it through.

Tracie Peterson gives us a graphic portrayal of what life is truly like on the prairie, and what families went through each day in seeking peace and contentment.

We meet the Chadwick family as tragedy strikes and they begin their move west. To see their struggles, and blessings along the way reinforces what a mighty God we have.

I loved each page, each chapter, and book in this series. If you love heritage, drama, love, and redemption, you too will love the pages of these books.

This series was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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