Saturday, April 17, 2010


What do you get when you open up your heart, your marriage, your life, your struggles, pain, past and healing? You get an amazing book about marriage. All the things are mothers didn't tell us are here within these pages. All the things are mothers did share are brought together with wisdom between these chapters.
As I opened this book I found Julie sharing her own marriage, her past, and bringing us into her home. We learn from those before us and we can grasp much wisdom from listening to others as they open their hearts to share.

Julie gives biblical scripture for each valuable lesson. She entwines us in questions to ponder and encourages us to search deep within our own hearts, letting go of our pasts, and working for a better future together. Marriage is not easy and Julie gives us suggestions on how to approach a successful marriage. Julie shares the wisdom of others and how it helped her to grow in Christ and to see with a clear vision.

We all come with baggage, we seem to want to blame others for our mistakes, but those mistakes do not have to turn into failures. With prayer, with honest hearts, and with willing vessels the Lord can heal brokenness. He can help us to capture again that love we felt when we met that first time. When we surrender to God, we surrender our marriages to Him, and we will reap the blessings of making Him first.

Julie begins with surrender, which is most important, and she ends with Run the race and if you don't win....start all over again. God gives us hope. He gives us His word before us to lead us into having marriages that glorify Him. Julie's book is an added tool to use. It showcases God, and brings marriage to the forefront. She shares detail of her past, and how our pasts repeat themselves. Once we begin to let go, and begin to forgive, trusting our spouse, and allowing room for mistakes, we will be on the road to not just a marriage, but a marriage that brings honor to God.

I loved reading these pages. They filled my heart with new ideas and sparked myself to work harder at developing a marriage that brings life to our home. This would be a wonderful read if you are doubting, if you are in pain and going through struggles. It would be a wonderful gift to someone you love and could be used as a study for a small group.
This book was a gift from Julie Gorman for its review.

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  1. Robin...thank you so much for such a great review of my book. Very well written! :)


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