Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In the midst of my day I have always needed to be surrounded by sound. Whether it be the television or the radio I just had to have it on in the background. Even at night when I am falling asleep I must have the television on and the timer set for me to fall asleep. I am not sure if the sound brings comfort, or it just drowns out all else around me.
But lately things have been changing, or maybe not the things, but just me. I have left the television off and the radio has not kept me company. I am finding in the quietness of the day I can hear Jesus more and more. Now, we can hear Him no matter where we are and how loud the craziness is around us, but sometimes we are tuned in to all that noise and we are not able to hear Him. That is me. In the quietness of my day I find myself thinking upon Him more, and talking to Him about just everything in my life. My time with Him is becoming just one on One instead of having all the other "Stuff" involved.

Ever be in the room with one you don't know very well and your not sure of what to say or even how to begin a conversation? Sometimes we feel more comfortable in having noise around us. When all is quiet there seems to be a vulnerability about us. We can feel insecure and unsure of ourselves, so we hide behind all the noise.

I think that is how my relationship with Jesus can be at times. Not really understanding why, but just not knowing how to begin the conversation or knowing what to say. Relationships are anything but simple, but see, with Jesus, He brings that comfort into the conversation. He knows just how to begin a conversation, and He is the greatest listener ever. I am learning that with Him I need nothing else. I don't need to have that soda to share with Him. I don't have to go out to lunch, He is right here with me. I don't have to get ready to meet Him, for He wants to see me just as I am.

There is a beauty in quietness. There is that stillness that we long for, but so often are afraid of. I think we can be fearful to just let it all go. There is beauty in the tears that fall while being still. For within those tears we are releasing all those emotions inside that we have tried keeping in the safe place where no one else can see.

When all is quiet our senses come alive. We are more aware, and we can feel all around us. In that quietness is when I see just how big God is and small I am. But in that smallness I feel safe in His arms. I feel confident in His words, and I find a strength that I never knew existed.

I am still struggling with falling asleep at night in the quietness, but oh, in the day, how sweet the sound of just hearing Jesus walk with me. It is almost as though I can hear His steps. It feels like dancing in a ballroom, and you are the princess, He is the King, and all you need is for Him to lead you through the dance.

Today, try to find a quietness in your morning and dance with Him. He is ready to take the lead, and show you how to dance to a new rhythm. Let it all go today. Everything your holding on to, all those emotions your keeping safely hidden, that anger your feeling, and the bitterness beginning to set in. Just let it all go, and know that in all that clutter around you Jesus is there. He is waiting to just share His heart and passion with you. He wants to hear all about your dreams and heartaches.

In the quietness of today you will find Him there. Just take a seat and bask in the Son.
Psalm 63:1 "O God, You are my God; Early I will seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thristy land where there is no water."
Psalm 61:3-4 "For You have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in Your tabernacle forever; I will trust in the shelter of Your wings."
Call out to Him today. Find Him the tabernacle of your heart and trust Him with all you have. Let Him speak to you through the quietness of the day, and He will wash His love over you. Seek Him, as you thirst, He wants to fill you with everlasting love and joy!


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