Sunday, April 18, 2010

He never ceases to amaze!

I always seem to find myself amazed at how God moves in my life. But then, why should I ever be amazed at how He works? Should I ever expect anything less than amazement from a God who knows all and sees all?
He has brought such wonderful people into my life. I love it when my path crosses with another that only could happen with His touch. I find that I am being blessed with those who share in the same struggles as I do. I see in my life how God is placing those who hold the same passions as I hold.

I have met sisters in Christ who really feel like sisters. The more I get to know them, the more amazed I am at just how much we are alike. God doesn't do that by chance. He has a purpose for everyone that crosses our path, whether it be them blessing us or us blessing them, either way blessings are taking place, friendships are growing, and the Lord is gaining glory from all.

He is forever adding to my life joys that come so unexpected. It's like receiving a little package in the mail, just addressed to you, the perfect size and fit. Friendships come in all different ways and times in our life. And He is blessing me abundantly with beautiful ladies who are enriching life, teaching me, sharing with me, and encouraging me in ways I never thought possible. Each day I learn something new about another, and through these wonderful friendships I am learning more about myself.

So, today I just want to say, "Thank You Lord. Thank You for placing such amazing women in my life who are blessing me in ways that are only making my life shine for You."

When we are willing to let go, when we are willing to step out of our box and our circle of friends we are opening our lives up to more blessings that never would have taken place if we just stayed in that comfortable place. I am finding that although I may never see all of these new friends here and share a cup of coffee, one day we will have ourselves a mighty big party to celebrate with all of heaven when we see Jesus face to face, and what a day that will be! But for now, I am blessed to celebrate life with them each day. To You Jesus I say, "Thank You!" And to my new friends I say, "Thank you for blessing my life and making each day a new surprise!"

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