Friday, March 19, 2010


I have to tell you this is by far the most real, poignant, courageously written book I have ever picked up. From the first pages until the last I cried with Mary in her anguish, and I soared with her as she overcame. Mary not only tells the story of her childhood, but shares openly using her raw gift to bring words together to describe in depth her truest struggles as a child that held her captive to her adult life where Jesus is bringing her to a place where she is learning to spread her wings and fly.

Mary opens her heart bare to us sharing the scars of humanity upon her life. As I read about her father's death, how her innocence was taken from her at the age of five, and how she just felt as though she existed and nothing more my heart was broken wide open as I found myself in these pages in the depth of her pain too.

Mary had a teacher give her mother a note at a young age telling her she had a gift with words. This teacher also had a gift of seeing in Mary what the Lord set in her heart. Mary is the most gifted writer I have had the pleasure of reading. She not only writes, but she does so in a way that makes you feel right at home. She shares her depth of faith in Jesus Christ throughout her life and how that faith has not only carried her through, but has given her the gift of life.

In Mary's memoir you will find Jesus from the beginning of the pages of her life until today as she is a beautiful woman of God reaching others through her story.

I had written to Mary, asking if I could review this unforgettable book of hers. She not only sent me the book, but she signed it with love. This is one book I will forever treasure. This is one that is a must read for all. I admire Mary not only as a writer but as a woman of God. This is a treasure that I will hold in my heart with a smile of joy as I find those thin places where God shines through.
You can find more about Mary's newest book here at this link at Zondervan:

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