Sunday, February 14, 2010

SWINGING ON A STAR (weddings by Bella book 2) by Janice Thompson

Put together a large Italian family, weddings, creations of food, love and you have yourself a story. Bella is a wedding planner with a large Italian family. A grandmother, Rosa, who has a dream of being on the cooking network. Bella is in love with D.J. from Texas and is far from what her mother had envisioned for her. As Bella is planning a wedding, the best man happens to be a Hollywood star, and Bella's sister becomes head over heals for him. There is love in the air and hearts are being stirred. Grandmother Rosa is such a huge character with passion for cooking, but Bella has planned a wedding at the same time her cooking program is to be. Every family has drama, but this family comes together in love and faith in one another. This is a sweet, romance that not only brings Bella from planning weddings, but gives her the sweet gift of planning her grandmothers also. Bella too finds love, and who do you think plans her wedding? She never knew her gift would take her so far. If you are in the mood for a great romance filled with lively characters, beauty, and laughter, this one is for you. I enjoyed this story of Bella and her outspoken, laughter filled family. When God brings love He showers this family with it. This book was given to me as a gift by Revell for its review.


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