Sunday, February 14, 2010

one sweet weekend

There are those weekends in which we are so busy we have no time to stop, but every once in a while we find those that bring sweetness to the soul. This Friday I was blessed to share in my mother's celebration of her 72nd birthday. As my mother's health continues to decline this was such a sweet time. I got to give my mother a purse she loves, a scarf she adores and a pink rose that brought her a smile. In spending time at my mother's house, I was also blessed to spend a few special hours with my daughters. If you have followed my stories, you then know how much this blessed my heart. I was completely filled with joy. We shared, we laughed and had such a great time. My daughter and I even switched purses, which if you know me at all, to have a new purse filled with all my stuff just makes me giddy.

On Saturday my husband and I took a long drive through the country sharing a soda and a cup of coffee. We went shopping for my mom, and shared a great time in Walmart. Yes, we tend to let loose while we are shopping and just have ourselves a great time. We were even able to share a dinner together, just us. While our son is out at a concert, we wrap up in the warmth of the blankets and turn on the Olympics. We watch them for hours in amazement and dream of what it would be like to fly down a mountain at 75 miles an hour. We find ourselves enjoying the company of our Daisy, who just makes our day full of laughter. My husband purchased her a bone, and you would think her whole personality changed. She became like an addict protecting her precious gift, so it was soon taken away because of her mental breakdown.

Once waking on Sunday, we wake slowly, but we are up and ready for church. I even woke without being in unbearable pain. (Let me remind you this is our anniversary day) My husband hugs me telling me good morning and he loves me. As I am sitting at the computer he brings me over a poem he has written for me, placing a smile on my face. Our daughter calls to give us happy wishes for our day, sending her love. We were blessed to hear the Lord speak to our hearts in church and to feel His presence among us. After dinner we all come home and sleep the whole afternoon away.

So why am I sharing my simple weekend with you? Because this simple, beautiful weekend is something that not long ago I thought was only a dream. This weekend was me watching God do His thing as only He can. This weekend I saw hope come alive, and I watched as God blessed my mom, my family and my heart with an abundance of love. I watched my son have a fantastic weekend while he went to a concert. My daughter had a special day out with friends that she hasn't been blessed with for a while now as she is working so hard and going to school. I got to joke and laugh with my daughter about her becoming a mother for the first time. And I got to hold the hand of my husband who has given me so much love over the years. A hand that some how just fits mine perfect.

Thank You Lord for blessing me this weekend. Thank You for your perfect timing as only You can do. Thank You for my Mother and her love, and for my husband who I pray I get to spend another 50 years with. Thank You for the two most beautiful daughters in the world. Thank You for allowing me to worship You without persecution. I praise You for this gift of a simply beautiful weekend!

Psalm 100:4 "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."


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