Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KALEIDOSCOPE (seeing God's wit and wisdom in a whole new light) by Patsy Clairmont

You can not pick up a book from Patsy Clairmant and never cease to be amazed. The title says it all really. She uses the picture of a kaleidoscope, something that doesn't really look to interesting until you look inside to describe Proverbs. Patsy takes the book of Proverbs piece by piece and brings it to life before our eyes in the only way she can, through laughter, through tears, and through truth. She shares her stories, and how God's word can change us to look more like Him. In each chapter she has "Bits and pieces", in which she asks questions, and brings thought for us to ponder over the scripture we just shared. She also shares "Held to light", which is adding more scripture to help us grow in the word.She takes Proberbs and simply puts it in our face in a style only like Patsy's. I loved this little book, all thirty three tiny, but larger than life chapters just as she is. She had my attention from the very first chapter, and held it through the last. She examines God's word and brings her on life stories into it, showing God is in everything. I love how she shares each verse looks pretty easy, but just how hard it is to do in our day to day life, but with God everything is possible if we just stay focused on Him. You can use this colorful book as a devotional, or as a study with your girlfriends. This is one of her best. This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for review.


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