Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Change is a funny thing. Its like when your doing laundry and you check the pockets of your son's pants, and you find change. You might even find change under the cushion of the couch. Might look down while walking throughout the park and find yourself a shiny penny. Change comes when we are not looking for it.In life I have been seeking change in others. I have been waiting for change in others, but in the process God changed me. I was here looking for others to change and right here in the middle God changed the one who was seeking it for others. Isn't that how we are at times? We seem we are fit to know what others need to do, we can look at others lives and think they need to make some changes, but when the light comes on, that change we were seeking for others needed to begin with us. Change comes when we are not looking. God doesn't need my advice. He doesn't need me to try to do the changing in others. I have learned that when I have tried to do so, tried to show others the way, I only make matters worse. Kind of like that foot in the mouth thing.Sometimes we work so hard at trying to get others to see, we lose our vision. We lose our focus when we ourselves take our eyes off God.
I had to learn to step back, let go and let God. This is one of the changes that took place in my heart. Change doesn't just happen over night, its a process. We live our whole lives changing daily. As God brings joy, peace, patience, trials, struggles, and loss into our lives, He is changing us through the process. Sometimes it feels like it is a long one, but life is a journey. We don't have to take it at a snails pace, but we can slow down and enjoy life, enjoy each day and see in each day what the Lord has for us. Life is not a sprint either. We don't have to have the mindset of a teenager at 13 wanting to be 18. I have learned that in each phase of my life, even when I didn't know God, He still knew me. He was doing a work in me the whole time. I am in no way finished yet, praise Jesus, but for me to grow into who He has created me to be, I need to keep changing.
We have to make room for change. We have to allow it although at times change doesn't seem fun at all, but its through those circumstances that we not only find out who we are, but we find the precious will of God.Every time I hear the song "Amazing Grace", I get chills. Its like I can feel the Lord moving through me. To hear the words, to feel the music just fills my heart with a love that I never could have imagined. At our church after we have the Lord's supper we always hold hands and sing Amazing Grace without music, just our voices singing out to Christ. That is one of the most joyous times I have. It is so sweet, just sweet. When my son was a baby, after I learned all the words to Amazing Grace that is what I sang to him every time I put him to sleep. Even as a young boy going to bed, he would call me in his room and say, "Mom, will you sing to me?" I would then ask, "What do you want me to sing?" And his answer was almost always Amazing Grace. Now, I am a momma that doesn't have a voice of beauty, but in that song, all of our voices singing out sound beautiful to God. Still today that is my favorite song, and will continue to be something special between my son and I. In God's grace we find change. We find His hands, His wisdom, and most of all His love. God's grace is what has saved us. Him giving His life for us is grace. Through His death we find grace and in His life we find beauty. Change comes in to us all in different ways and at different times. When it comes don't push it away. Don't try to keep things as they are. Open your heart and see what God wants to do there. For in our hearts is where we find Him, and in Him is where we will find ourselves.

Daniel 2:21 "And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding."

Just as the seasons change we too change. There is growth as in the Spring, we shed the old just as in the Fall, we see the light as in the Summer and as the winter brings in snow, we too will be washed whiter than the snow. God shows Himself to us through every season in our lives. No matter what season we are in right now, He with you and I.


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