Thursday, February 25, 2010

the joys of purse shopping

As I was out with my mother the other day she took me shopping for a new purse. She too knows the joy of shopping for purses. Although our tastes are not the same, we have a great time choosing the one that fits us best.

My mom ended up giving me the gift of a new purse, and yes, its pink. Kind of a hot pink color, that just dazzles my joys even more. But this was not a quick purchase, this was one that took time.

See, my problem is I want to be one of those girls who carry one of the those tiny purses that only hold your keys. Really, that is just the first of my problems, because my phone would not even fit in one of those. So, you can imagine purse shopping with me. I go to the small purses, I take out the paper, the massive folds of paper they stuff in, and sit down, looking at mine carefully. As I look at my own purse, I am thinking, "This is possible, I can put all my stuff in there!" Um, no I cannot. I have even gone to trying to put my stuff in, only to then have to load mine back up and go on in my search.

Now, as I walk in wanting to purchase that tiny purse, somehow I always end up walking out with one bigger! And indeed that is just what I did with my mother. I love my new purse. It holds everything I need. As my mother asks, "Ya, know your back might not hurt so bad if you didn't carry such a big purse, why do you carry all that?" Okay, for me, that seems like the silliest question possible! You never know just when your going to need something, and about the time you change a purse, empty all your "Things" that you think you might be able to live without, that my sister is just when you need it!

Yes, I carry paper, you never know when a thought might come. I carry a book, and for that you never know when that moment might arise that you get to take a peek into your book while your waiting on your husband in the auto parts store. I carry all my Mary Kay, a girl has got to look her best, and quite a few other things.(that is an understatement:) I have even come to carrying things I think someone else might need! You never know when someone is going to get a hang nail, or need something cut off their pants.

I have a whole collection, all colors and all styles. I have them in the extra closet, after my husband complained he was running out of room.

As you see I placed a picture of a beautiful, tiny purse as the picture for this post. One that I would love to carry, but never will. I seem to want to hold on to too much stuff. I like to keep all my stuff right there with me. Its like I'm afraid I'm going to lose it or miss place it. And if you are a close friend of mine, you know that my purse is organized. You will find no trash whatsoever in my purse. Some, including my husband and son love to make a game out of putting trash in there for me to find, only to see the look of horror on my face when I find it.

I have friends who carry those cute little purses with just one lip stick inside. They are my friends that seem to have it all together, while me and my big purse are kind of out there in the fog of things, trying to hold on to everything I can.

I am finding out that is not really true. My friends with tiny purses have struggles just as I do. But my friends, whether we hold a tiny purse with just a few items or we carry a big one with lots, we don't have to carry the load of life alone. Whatever it is, we can help one another with whats in our bag whether it seems small or too huge to carry. That is what sisters are for!


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