Sunday, February 7, 2010

DREAMS THAT WONT LET GO by Stacy Hawkins Adams

I have a spot in my heart for the Burns family forever. We find grandparents Irene and Charles, who raised their three grandchildren, Reuben, Indigo, and Yasmin, after a tragic car accident that killed their parents and left Reuben the sole survivor, who now carries much guilt. Sometimes, we struggles occur raising children. We can either hover over them, smothering them with love, or check out and allow them to find their own way. Reuben left home after feeling smothered, went to college, married a beautiful woman, who has overcome blindness, and has raised a son and never returned home until now. He has secrets and scars holding him back. Indigo is planning a wedding with the man of her dreams, but she is harboring anger for her brother. Yasmin wants to follow her dreams, but as she feels she is being held back, she leaves home to find herself. This move by Yasmin leaves her parents now feeling as though they have made horrible mistakes. No family is perfect, and this story shows we don't have to pretend. We have to be honest and not hold back our feelings and dreams, along with our fears. It is when they learn to let go of these things that the Lord brings their family together as one. Sometimes it is in coming home when we finally realize who we are. The Lord shines throughout this story of forgiveness and redemption. I was touched greatly by this story that shows unconditional love is the key to growth and family. Come to Jubilant, Texas into the Burns family and you will walk away blessed. This is number three in the series, but this book can easily stand alone. This book was a gift from Revell for its review.


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