Thursday, February 18, 2010

ALASKAN QUEST SERIES book one"Summer of the Midnight Sun" by Tracie Peterson

As I begin to turn the pages of "Summer of the Midnight Sun" by Tracie Peterson I am thrown into the Alaskan country, a wild, not yet tamed place, but is full of adventure, hard life, and blessings of knowing and sharing with the native people.
The story is brought together with Jake and Leah Barringer, brother and sister, living among the natives. As Leah is at home running the trading post, Jake is out on a mission to find more goods for the starving people in the bitter cold Alaskan country. Leah becomes concerned about Jake since he has been gone for so long now. He knows the country and is well taught on how to provide for himself. But when he doesn't return as expected, she knows something has gone wrong.
Jake returns safe, but he has brought with him an old friend. A friend that Leah had fallen in love with ten years prior, but Jayce did not return the love she so desired. As Jayce is now going to be staying with them, she is upside down with her emotions.
Jayce and Jake are preparing for an adventure on the seas discovering new places and making maps with an expedition, but that expedition is held up when Jayce is hurt severely by the dogs. With fearing he may loose his leg they take him to the closest doctor.
While they are awaiting Jayce's recovery, Helaina Beecham comes on the scene, trying to befriend them, but has different ideas than they. Helaina lost her parents and husband to a murderer and she is on the search to find him. She is obsessed with being a bounty hunter and bringing him to justice at any cost. She is full of bitterness and anger. As her brother too was attacked and left for dead from this man, she believes it to be Jayce Kincaid.
This book takes you on such an adventure through such amazing places, the treat of losing life, and finding the truth.
These characters are all of which we can relate to. Needing love, finding forgiveness and the main view of this book grace. Helaina learns so much from these people now surrounding her. She has been hurting for so long now and as Jake is reaching out to her she is finding the real meaning of grace.
Leah, Jake and now Jayce are living lives for the Lord, something Helaina is missing. Leah and Jayce are reunited in love, love that now they are ready for. Jayce finds himself not guilty, only to know it is his twin brother Chase who is causing such tragedy for others around him.
One of my favorite parts that touched my heart is how Jake shows Helaina what grace is. The gospel is shared and now she is searching with questions about the God they love.
As this first story ends Helaina goes off on her own to capture Chase, but now instead of the hunter she finds herself being held captive. The others are now out searching for her before something tragic happens.
In the back drop of this story there are talks of war, and talks of making Alaska a state. Tracie Peterson has brought such interesting facts into this story that make you feel as though you are right there in the midst of the adventure.
This book was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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