Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When I read the cover of this book I knew I was in for a treat, and a few tears. Every mother wants to help her daughter prepare for her wedding, but many times separation occurs between a mother and daughter, and things of the past become our present. We find Kendy, the mother of Maisy wanting so badly to be part of her daughter's wedding, and Maisy, who is pushing her aside. Through the story it is unveiled as the mystery of why this daughter who is loved so much pushes her mother away, and clings to her father. This story takes us on a journey through a mother and daughter eyes who were once so close and have missed out on many years. They have hidden pain in their hearts, and tried to ignore what was obvious. In our dreams we would be perfect, but we are not, we are anything but, and this story helps us see how much forgiveness and understanding are needed. As time is trying to keep them apart, the Lord is bringing them together. As Kendy speaks to her daughter the night before the wedding, she says to her daughter something so beautiful, and peace begins. They are able to open up, and share from their broken hearts. Before we come to peace we must first uncover the pain to let healing begin. I loved this story, this story shares so much of what mothers and daughters can go through. I loved the ending of the story, it was a rich blessing and gives hope to those facing some of these same circumstances. The wedding day comes and new days are ahead, new days that can be filled with new memories that will be worth remembering. This book was given to me for review by Bethany House.


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