Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When you pick up Beth's book on insecurity, you will finish with feelings of security! Anytime Beth writes, she writes and shares from her heart, and teaches with the wisdom from her own experiences. We may not all experience insecurity on the same level or with the same struggles, but we have been there. And we didn't get there alone, we had some help along the way, but we need to own our insecurities and become stronger women in Christ. Beth teaches us that however strong our insecurities are, they are holding us back from being all we can be, and no one or nothing in this world can bring us security. That gift comes from the One who created us in His image. Insecurity can confine us, can change us, can hold us back and make us give an entirely wrong impression. We all face insecurity, and Beth teaches us how to move forward, how to let go, and find our completeness in Christ. I loved this book, and will go back and read it a second time. If we are having trouble relating to others, finding our way, or hiding behind an image, this book is for you. If you have ever woke and thought yourself not a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, or thought you were beautiful, this is a must read for you. Our insecurities do not just touch us, but those around us. Beth shares stories from her life, from many others, and uses scripture to point us in the right direction. This book is a gift to any woman, daughter, or friend. This book was a gift from Tyndale for its review. This book will be available in Feb 2010.


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