Monday, January 4, 2010

OFFWORLD by Robin Parrish

Here we find four astronauts, they are on a mission to mars, the year is 2032 when they begin. They are on a mission, but what mission, and are they really who they say they are? They are on their return home, and one thing after the other takes place, this story takes you for a ride, each chapter is full of suspense, and keeps you on your toes as to what is happening next. I got into the characters, all four of them, Robin Parrish knows detail, he knows how to make his words flow and bring you to wanting more. As the astronauts return home, everyone living is gone, they are no where to be found, until they find Mae, but Mae is the key to the story, and unfolds around her. Men have been planning for years for a mission, and now it has taken place, and these four astronauts are caught in the middle and their lives have forever changed. This book did keep me guessing, but as a Christian I have no idea why this book is published as Christian. There is no mention of Christ in this book, no mention of faith and nothing in the story pointing you to Christ. That was my only draw back to reading it, I would have liked to seen this story go some where, to have a meaning that I could hold on to, but I walked away with nothing. If you are looking for a read in the future, a sci-fi book, then this one is for you, it is full of suspense and does keep you thinking, but this one left me still waiting for more. This book was a gift by Bethany House Publishers for its review.


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