Friday, January 29, 2010

new glasses

Today I received my new glasses! I can finally see again. I am blessed to have bi-focals. For the last week I have been without my glasses. This year I did not get new frames, so the eye doctor had to keep mine, that is until today when I walked in like a little girl getting a puppy. You ask why am I excited? Well, I cannot see anything in front of my face, nothing! So, this whole week I have not been able to read the gigantic books I have(3in1 stories), and have been squinting away trying to read one that has bigger writing.

See, I started out with 10/10 vision. I was blessed with sight for the most part of my life. Its when you hear a doctor say, "You are getting to that age", well, that makes a person feel grand. I have had glasses for about six years now, so that age for me was not old at all! I could see things in the mountains that my husband would say, "How in the world can you see that moose from here?" I could read for hours and at times all night long to finish a great book, but lately, well, my vision is much worse. I had been struggling to see with the glasses I had, so I knew it was time to go for new ones.

Some of us are near sighted, far sighted, and then those like me who happen to be both. As people, we can tend to be near sighted anyway. Only seeing us, or what is right in front of our faces, our little box. As Christians we should in fact be far sighted, seeing others before ourselves. Taking time to look outside our box. (I know being near sighted you cannot see far images and far sighted you cannot see close up, so in my little picture here I am using the opposites)

We try to see things as we think are right. We want others to see from our view. And for those things we cannot see clearly, we have a hard time focusing.

The amazing thing with God is that He always sees with 20/20 vision. He can see our past, our present and our future. He never looks through tainted glasses. He only sees truth. He wants us to see things through His eyes and not with our fleshly vision. He wants us to see with love, grace and forgiveness. He wants us to be focused on Him. When we focus on Him and Him alone, our vision is right where it needs to be. We are neither just focused upon us, and our needs, but looking to God for His will. If we can not focus in on Him, then our vision needs to change. Isn't it great as our vision changes, as we begin to lose sight, we have a God who is never changing!
When we go in for our eye exam, the doctor has us look through many lenses, showing us one or two, he is looking at the front of our eyes, and in the back. He is giving us an exam that will change our sight for the better. He is going to write us out a script to correct our vision. That is exactly what God does for us when He knows our vision is off. Our vision can be off just a little, but it is still off of what He vision is for us. With His word, with His love and at times His correcting hand He can bring our sight into focus, having us see things we have never seen before.

Many times we have been looking through clouded vision for so long, we have to allow God some time to do adjusting on our eyes. That point of adjustment can be hard.

As I placed on my glasses today, I was amazed at how clear I could see. I was thinking, "I can't wait to go home and grab that book!" But as I placed them on, I realized it is going to take awhile to adjust to the new lenses. I feel a bit wobbly, a bit on shaky ground as I am walking. But the more I keep them on, the better focus I am coming into.

The more we look to God, the more we stay in His word, the better our vision will be. It may be harder at first getting into the swing of things, taking that close up glance at ourselves and seeing for the first time the changes that need to be made as God shows them to us.

He can correct our vision, He can make things clear when we are having a hard time focusing. But aren't you glad we have the greatest Eye Doctor ever? What we cannot see He shows us clearly, and what we are seeing, He can bring truth into focus.

I am thankful for my glasses today. I am thankful for my vision and even more so with the One who can correct it with love.
2 Corinthians 5:7 " We live by faith and not by sight."


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