Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TENDER GRACE by Jackina Stark

Audrey Eaton finds her husband in his chair, with his bible on his lap already in heaven. She is heartbroken at the loss of her husband, a husband she shared such a loving relationship with, one that she cherished with every breath. As she is grieving the loss of her husband, her friends, and her children are trying to lift her up, but she has lost the will to live life with joy. All the things she once enjoyed now mean nothing. She finds herself watching television for hours a day, lost in her emotions, emotions that keep her from even crying again. She decides she is going to take a trip, a trip across the country alone. She is visiting places she and her husband have seen together, and places they had once wanted to see. Along this journey, she has her husbands bible tucked away with her. She has her computer to keep in touch with her children and a few friends. This book is as a diary she is writing to help her in her healing process, so we are able to see her grieve, see her smile again for the first time, and even cry again, as she weeps of the past. On this journey she begins to slowly open her husbands bible and begin reading in John. She takes it slow and steady, and each night she reads God's word, drawing closer to Him. On her journey she is able to relate to to all John has to say. Each day takes on a new meaning for her, she begins to take a new joy in life as she begins to learn how to breath again. She cannot forget the past, but she is learning to move on with new life, a new relationship with the Lord and He is showing her how to let go of the pain of the past so she can take on a new found freedom in Him. We see her thanking God for the journey she has been on and we see the beauty in grieving and learning to begin a new life. Once finished with this book, it is one you can sit back and say,"Beautiful". I enjoyed this book and walking this journey with Audrey, seeing her blossom again after the tragedy that struck her heart. God will bring us through all that touches our lives, just as He brought Audrey through and filled her with His love. This book was a gift from Bethany House Publishers for its review.


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