Tuesday, December 22, 2009

THE SCENT OF WATER by Linda Nichols

Sam Truelove is a surgeon gifted by the hand of God. He has begun a wonderful, dream filled life with his wife Annie and their daughter Margaret, until tragedy strikes and the life of their precious baby is gone. In that same moment as Sam is in surgery, he decides to stay with his patient, finish his surgery before going home. He feels as though he can save the little girl in front of him, only God had a different plan. There is anger, pride, pain and fear in them both, and it takes hold of them until their marriage is slipping away. Both still loving each other, but trying to move on, only they cannot move on until they come to terms with the past that haunts them. Each year Sam invites Annie to dinner, in hopes of renewing their marriage to what it once was. Although Annie so wants to go, she is fearful that Sam hasn't yet let go of the man he has become, she turns him down, but each year there was a sweet elderly woman celebrating her birthday with friends. She noticed him each year as he noticed her too, only never saying anything until this night, when the sweet woman goes over to pray with Sam, giving him words from the Lord. Never giving up, Sam keep trying to save his marriage, as Annie still holds so much love for him. Love and forgiveness bring them back together. Healing comes in time, and blessings come to their lives. This is a beautifully written story that captures your heart, and takes you right there in the midst of their pain, and with the hope of Christ, we see how He works to bring their love whole again. I loved this book. It flowed, it speaks right to your heart and teaches us to never give up, to always answer that call when the Lord is asking us to move. The prayers of this sweet woman were answered, only because of her great faith in the Lord and to obey Him. This book was a gift from Bethany House Publishing for the review of its contents.


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