Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sharing the Christmas Story by Matthew West

This season at Tyndale we are trying to reach one million people with the gospel of Christ through sharing the Christmas Story from Luke. Matthew West has given the gift of his voice to share in this wonderful story that touches our hearts and is the reason for the season. You can go to Matthew West's site at You can download the full Christmas Story at There are many ways to use this download, for the enjoyment of your Christmas day, to send to others, to share from your phone, Christmas e-cards, posting this to your blog also and adding the download to your facebook page. Help us to spread the gospel of Christ this season and share the deepest meaning of this day, Christ's birth, His gift to the world. You can also download a copy of the gospel of John in the New Living Translation to share with family and friends, to send as Christmas gifts to those you love. Please help us spread the truest form of love ever given this season. Blessings to you and I would love to hear how you have shared this with others to bring blessings to those you love. What a great gift to share on Christmas morning, the message of hope, of life and of love.


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