Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my childhood gift

Every Christmas children around the world are making their lists and checking them twice, making sure they have everything down that they desire. When I was a child I always wanted a sock monkey, I just fell in love with them the first time I saw one in a window. I had my share of awesome gifts, yes, I had a Chatty Cathy, a Ms. Beasley, and I remember my pink, banana seat bike that I rode everywhere. I had shared my story with my husband of just how much I wanted a sock monkey when we saw one together. He just smiled at me, and said,"Yup, those are cute." So last night when he came home he asked me if I would like to open a Christmas gift. Now, whats a girl gonna say to that? Of course I wanted to open it. He came in and had me close my eyes and there right before me was the sock monkey I wanted as a little girl, in my hands with a smile on my face from ear to ear. I have had many wonderful gifts from my husband, some big, some small, and some that have come in tiny little boxes, but this is one of the best he has ever given me. For him to remember my childhood gift I never received showed me just how much he loves me. For him to drive to find one, for him to surprise me only shows me how special I am to him. At Christmas its not so much about the gift, how big or small, it is about the thought behind it, its about the love shared opening your hands to another to give them something so special that you know is just going to light up their eyes. He could pull a brand new car into our drive way, with a big red bow on top, and this little gift from my past would still beat out any other gift, for it really came from a love inside his heart. That is what I love about Christmas, the love that we share together, the reaching out to one another, blessing one another with the love that Jesus instilled in our hearts. As I sit and look at my little monkey sitting here by my computer, I pray your Christmas dreams come true also. They may not be a childhood gift, it may be something you have been praying for for years, but believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, leaving all your requests at His feet and He will provide. I thank my husband for giving me a gift I will treasure forever and for putting a smile on my face just when I needed it the most~

Lord, this Christmas I pray others will see You and worship You with a love that is brand new, and may we remember just what it was like to be a child full of joy, and may we take that joy and spread it to all we meet~


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