Saturday, December 5, 2009

in Your presence

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit" 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 As I read these few verses, they are anything but few with empowering words for us to live by. These verses do not come easy, it takes faith, it takes growth and it takes pain to learn the meaning of these verses. I know in my walk with Christ there are many verses I have read and had not taken them in, for I didn't understand the meanings until later, later when the Lord brought me back to these verses just when He knew I would understand and just when He knew I needed them. When we read we are not going to understand everything, but in time, in time we will learn more and more about Him and His word to us. He wrote His word to everyone, to His children to learn and to walk by. When the Spirit came upon all to write God's word, God knew exactly what we would need in our lives, He knew every trouble that would come and every temptation. Every need and every desire He knew and gave His word to lead us in the right path. Each year that I spend with my Savior I learn more and more. It is through the trials that have touched my life that have brought me closest to Him. So see, these verses make such an impact on our lives, if only we will abide by them. I cannot say I have found myself rejoicing always through my tears, and hurts. I cannot say I find myself praying without ceasing, for I have grown weary at times praying and not hearing from God. But with these verses here, I am learning to rejoice in all that comes to me, and I am learning to pray without ceasing, for I know I do hear from God, it just might not be what I want to hear or His answer may not come as fast I would like. There are those times I find it hard to be thankful when all around me is falling apart, but the Lord is showing me day by day that He is here in my life showing Himself through the storms, and as for quenching the Spirit, I have quenched the Spirit, knowing He was speaking, knowing He was asking me to move, but I made the choice not to listen only to regret later following my Savior in all He has for me. For Him to love me so much to speak to me, for Him to want to spend time with me? Who am I to turn away from the One who gave all for me? I am learning when He speaks I answer, I am learning that this relationship just isn't me sharing with Him, but Him sharing with me. It is not just me wanting Him to serve me, but it has nothing to do with me, but all with Him, serving Him in all I do. We all learn at different times, at different speeds and in different ways. The Lord created us all different for His glory, so why would we all do the same thing the same way? I know in teaching my children, they all learned in different ways at different speeds. I have grown enough to understand I am going to fall, I am going to fail, but that doesn't give me reason not to give all I have and to wake each morning with the right attitude, seeking my Savior. When I fall, I just need to accept where I have failed and begin right there and then, calling out to Jesus and knowing He is there to listen and to guide me in the right direction. Our christian joy is not based on circumstances, but on a growing awareness of God. The more we are aware of Him the more we grow and bring glory to Him. The more we are aware of His presence, the more we are aware of just who we should be. As a wise young man taught me years ago, our reputations will be known. We all carry a last name that we represent, but more than that we represent our Savior, we represent His name. So we should walk in such a way that brings Him glory not shame. And there are moments I know I have brought Him shame by not being thankful in all, by not praying without ceasing, and by quenching His Spirit for my own selfishness. I want so much to bring glory to God in all I do and say. Lord I pray to You today, fill me with Your Spirit, may I hear Your call and follow You in all ways. Help me Lord to pray always, to be thankful always, not in just good times and when the circumstances are right, but in all times, in troubles and trials, in temptations and in tears. Lord, open my heart today to all You have for me. Forgive me of my failings and as I read Your word, may it pierce my heart forever~


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