Friday, December 18, 2009

are you weeping?

There are those times in our lives when the weeping comes and we are lost in our sorrow. This is not new to my life, just as I am sure you too have had those trials come and they seem to take all you have, leaving you with your weeping, silently wishing God would bring you laughter instead. I have heard it said that crying can be good for the soul, and I think there is a point of healing in letting our tears fall, letting it out and letting it go. When we try to hold it all in, nothing good can come of that. Before we are honest with others, we must first be honest with ourselves and with the pain we are feeling. We all want to ignore pain, we want to run from our trials, but we could run forever and a day and our troubles would still be there. The amazing thing is God knows where we are, He is our hiding place, He is our safety. Nothing touches us before it first goes through His hands. Although I don't understand it all, and never will until heaven and many things are revealed to us, but I have learned that there is a purpose for everything under the sun. God doesn't bring trials without a cause, He doesn't want us with tears daily, but He is there to wipe them away. Jesus Himself weeped, and knows all about tears and pain, trials that come when we are not ready. If we look to our Savior, keeping our eyes upon Him, He will show us laughter after the tears. There will be joy again, real joy given by Him. Listen to this amazing verse. Luke 6:21c "Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh again." What a message full of beauty. Jesus will laugh with us one day, one day when we see Him face to face. Our present suffering can be turned into joy by giving all to Him, trusting Him and believing all that is happening is to bring Him glory and honor. Through my trials, there is still those days of weeping, but when I take my eyes off the hurting, place them upon Jesus, He brings light to my life, He sets joy before me. It is in those sweet moments, those little moments that beauty is released from our tears and laughter begins. My friend I don't know where you are today, but whatever is on your heart, give it to Him today, let Him take your burdens and lighten your load. Share with Him all that is on your heart, share with a Pastor, a sweet friend who will listen and pray with you. You are never alone in your sorrow, Jesus is always there right by your side. Even as my trials are still here today, I know without a doubt that one day God will bring healing. He will deliver me from these trials and those I love will come to know Him by name, walking with Him sweeter than before. In the depths of your soul, reach in and pull out all that is hurting you today and open your hands to the Savior of the world. Leave the past where it is and begin today with a new attitude, living not just seeing the trial, but seeing the face of Jesus~


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