Wednesday, November 25, 2009

finding His trust

Psalm 34:8 " Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him." The Lord is just speaking to me today, showing me everything I need to hear. I am one who is not always trusting, I spend time worrying, thinking about things that I cannot change. The more time I spend worrying the more time I am spending away from my Savior who is seeking my trust. There is no other to trust more, He is there and He knows each trouble we face, each trial, and even though we feel as though we are moving through a whirwind, He is standing still, standing firm, not moving. I seem to be the one who moves away from Him, trying to find another way, a better way, and there just isn't one. I want to taste all He has for me. I want His blessings He has hand crafted just for me, but to do that I must follow Him with all my heart, not just a piece, not just a sliver, but with my whole heart. He has so much to give us, not just His love, but His knowledge, His wisdom, and oh, how sweet His grace is. In my life as I place my trust in Him with all that is around me, He will wash me with His peace. As I move toward Him with my trust, others will see, they will see I'm not worried, they will see the peace in my heart and they too will find Jesus, they will see that there is a better way. Trust is a hard thing, especially when you are a mother, a daugher and a wife, when your child is wayward, when your child is sick, when your husband is struggling, when your own mother is losing her sight, when all seems to be crashing down around us we get scared of what is to come. As women we seem to carry such burdens, as a mercy I seem to carry many just as you do. We have no control over others, their choices are their own, and there is nothing about tomorrow we can change except how we react to it. We may not see all that the Lord is doing, but He is always at work in us and around us, and in those we love. We just have to place our trust in the One who loves us so. I don't know what is worrying you today, but just as me, may we lay it down, open our hands to Him and trust Him with all He has given us~


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