Thursday, November 12, 2009

are you wearing camo?

It is hunting season again. It is deer season and one of our favorite times of year. I love sitting in the woods with my husband, my gun, my binoculars and my snacks. I am not your average hunter. I am a girl afer all. I do shower, which is a big no no. I fix my hair, for I am so vain at times. I think,"Well, if I do shoot a deer, we have to take a picture", I don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed. I take my snacks, a book(Which I never leave home without a book!), my tea, and my seat warmer. I know, I am a girly hunter, but I do put my camo on, and I go without my perfume. For my husband will only allow so much of my girly stuff along on our hunting time. He laughs at me for I do not gut my deer, I would vomit! I have skinned a deer, and I always help in the kitchen when he cuts it up, making many different things, and I am the one who wraps and rights on the paper what it is. I know most men would just rather go alone, but my husband is quite proud that his wife loves to hunt, I just don't like getting dirty or sweaty! As we get all of our things ready to hunt, as we get out our camo, and our bright (Ugly) orange vests, it had me thinking. In my christian walk do I have camo on so I just blend in with everyone and everything around me, or do I wear that bright orange and stand out among the crowd? Its really quite easy wearing camo, we blend in with our surroundings, we can become part of the world so easily that no one would ever know we are christians. Or we could put on our bright orange vests and stand out among the crowd, showing all who and what we stand for. We have to make a choice, either we are walking with God, or we are walking with the world. We cannot do both at the same time. We must choose, for what we wear says alot about our walk, and just who we are. To place on camo, we can move about, not making a sound, not giving notice to ourselves, being quiet as mouse. But what are we really gaining by doing so? Are we showing we are followers of Christ? Are we speaking up for the rights of those who cannot, or are we walking under the radar? When we choose to wear the bright orange vest, we are making a statement, we are standing outside the crowd, outside the circle, and others can tell there is just something different about us. Isn't that what Christ has called us to do? To stand out, to stand up, and to show Him to all? We cannot let our fear keep us in our camo, we must let go of that fear, and stand up for the One who chose to stand for us, while we were sinners. I love being in the woods, I love the colors, the sights and sounds. I can fall asleep in our little cabin watching for deer. It is so peaceful, and I can have time with Jesus, just in awe of all His creation. To watch the leaves fall, hearing the squirrels run looking for nuts, listening to the birds calling and flitting from branch to branch is just so humbling to realize just how small I am and how big God is. During deer season even though you have your camo on, you must also have on your bright orange so other hunters can see you. So they too know you are a person and not a deer. That is just how are walk with Christ should be. People should be able to look at us and know we stand out among the crowd. That brightness should attract others if we are wearing it correct. So what are you wearing this season, camo or bright orange? Are you trying hard to blend in so you don't make a scene, or are you putting on your bright vest so all around you know exactly who you are and what you believe? I know in my life there are those seasons in which I ride the fence, having one foot on the camo side and one on the bright orange side, not really going either way, so for me this has made me think about what I am reflecting and how I need to pick a side and plant both feet there firmly on the solid ground showing I am a follower of Christ. 2 Timothy 2:15 " Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."


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