Thursday, November 12, 2009

are you seeing 20/20?

I remember when I had gone to the eye doctor and he asked me to read the vision chart. After he examined my eyes, he said,"You have 10/10 vision, that is better than perfect and very rare!" Although walking away from the office that day I felt really great, my vision didn't last long. Each year my vision gets worse. The glasses I have now are not strong enough. They allow me to see a little better, but my vision is still blurry. Isn't that somewhat like our walk? We might have started out seeing clearly, but over time our vision gets cloudy. There are those times when things are fuzzy, we need to correct our vision so that we can see just where we have been and just where we are going. If we do not have the right prescription we are not going to see perfect, therefore we might just fall, but when our prescription is strong enough, we can find our way even in the darkest of places. God has the right prescription we need. He can give us 20/20 vision and help us see more clearly and see the will He has for our lives. People often say,"Hind sight is 20/20", well, if we are walking with Christ daily we will make better decisions, we will choose the right paths, and our attitudes will point to Christ. Seeing is a beautiful gift, I cannot imagine never seeing my babies, a sunset,or the face of a friend. They often say,"Seeing is believing", well, I think "Believing is seeing". When we believe in Jesus, we begin to see things in a whole new light. We begin to notice the little things, we take more joy in the little things. We no longer see color, we see family. We no longer see judgement, but forgiveness. There is more to seeing than meets the eye. With Jesus is shows us a whole new way of living. Our sight is no longer just what we see on the outside, but what we see on the inside. Try walking with Jesus, try spending some time with just you and Him, and He will open your eyes. Is your vision clouded? Do you need a new prescription? Jesus knows exactly what you need, and He has the right lens just for you, so that when you open your eyes you will see all He has for you. He will bring everything into focus for us. He will give us sight to make it through the rain, the clouds, and He will bring us through the fog. If you are having a hard time focusing in, Jesus can change all that for you today if you will just turn your eyes to Him~


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