Thursday, October 22, 2009

where is your hiding place?

Do you have those days where you just want to escape? Do you have those times in that you are tired and weak? Those nights that you just want to find a hiding place, a place of protection, of comfort and love? For me that hiding place is Jesus Christ. There is no embrace like His. There are no words as comforting as His. I know when I am afraid, when I am not sure of what to do anymore, I know I can turn to Him without a doubt, feel His touch and He will direct me, giving me His wisdom. But there are those days that I am just tired, those days that you want to give up and stop trying, but on those days, Jesus is the One who gives me strength, who fills me with His spirit and moves me to tears from the joy I have gained by spending time with Him. To surrender into His arms is the greatest place to be. I have tried hiding in the bathroom, you moms or even dads know that that isn't possible. As soon as that door would close, I would hear mommy, I would see little fingers come under the door. That hiding place isn't on the phone, you also know just how that works. Just as soon I got on the phone with a friend, the kids needed something, they wanted me, and the more I tried to stay on the phone, the louder they got, so my calls didn't last very long when my children were small. There are those places we go, it might be cleaning your house with the radio blasting, in a room all to yourself with a book, taking you to a far away place that seems so much better than where you are right now. For me that became a problem, for in the midst of my pain, I would read a book a day to escape the pain my heart was feeling, but in that time, instead of turning to a book, I should have turned straight to my Savior, He should have been my hiding place. Many may go shopping, take a trip to an Island, or even go home to mom and dad. I have learned you cannot hide from your trials or pain no matter how far you try to escape. Your trials are still there no matter where you or what you are doing. The lesson is to go to your hiding place in Jesus' arms, and face our trials head on with Him as our wisdom and our strength. He gives us all we need in our times of distress, in those times you feel so lost and alone. Turning to your christian friends is a wonderful gift, and they may give you great advice, but the best thing as a friend you can do is pray with them, for its not the advice of friend God wants us to seek, its His wisdom and knowledge. God can move through others to touch us with His grace, but when we are faced with adversity we need to run to Jesus. His hands were pierced by nails, they still hold the scars today, so what better hand is there to reach out to? He is there in the morning as the sun rises, in the afternoon when things are hectic, and in the evening as the sun is setting, and throughout the night when darkness is around us. Jesus pursues us with His love, He covers us with His forgiveness, He lifts us with His strength right at that time we are ready to give up, He pours His grace over us and holds us with those nail pierced hands until we can stand on our own, and we ready to face our trials. Those trials are not going anywhere as much as we want them to, for when one leaves, there is soon to come another for us to face, but we never have to face them alone, Jesus is there to stand for us. Our hiding place is on our knees, its curled up like a child, its out in the woods, its in your bedroom curled in your cover, wherever you are Jesus is right there. The amazing thing is that once we call out to Jesus, once He takes our hand, we find that with His strength our trials don't seem as bad as they were before, and once we feel His love wash over us, we know we can overcome any battle, for God has already won, the victory is His, and as His children, He will keep His arms open wide for us. He is waiting for you today, where are you? What are you facing today? Are you lonely, are you tired, weak, not sure of what to do? Say His beautiful name and He will be there to bring you all you need~ Psalm 32:7 "You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance."


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