Saturday, October 31, 2009

its time to clean

Ya know there are those days ya just gotta turn up the radio and dance! Ya wake up and the sun is out, its bright and ya just gotta keep moving. For me, doing some cleaning, listening to the music just takes all the dirt not only out of my house but out of my heart. We can let so much junk pile up in our closets, that before we really find what it is we need, we have to remove the clutter in our lives. We can't just sit still and stagnant, like the green scum over a beautiful pond. We must allow our rich beauty that God implanted in us to show, and the only way for it to shine is for us to clean, not just a light dusting, but for me I need some hard, spring cleaning of my heart. We know what we must do, we know what has to be done, but we have to get motivated, we have to change our attitudes if we want a change, and again we can't change other people, we can only change ourselves. It often feels good to be comfortable, but I don't believe God intended us to feel comfortable all the time, if we are too comfortable we are not going to move forward with anything else, we aren't going to make changes, and we are certainly not going to grow as a christian. This time of year is one of my favorites, I love the cool crisp air, the leaves falling, the sun making all shine. As fall brings in winter, I too love the snow, the more the better. Even as the seasons come we all have our favorites, we all have those we least of all like, but we still must go through them, and when we do, we can find beauty in each one, growth, and we can look back over time and see just how much we have grown along with the seasons. Today as I begin to clean, as I clean each peice I think of my heart and all that needs cleaning. Moving things in their right places, and throwing away what I do not need, isn't that what we should do with our hearts each day? If we allow the clutter to pile up, if we allow the dust to cover all around us, it makes it harder to see the simple things that bring beauty all by themselves. To make changes is not always easy, sometimes it is the hardest thing we must do, but once we do, with each step in front of us, we begin to clear a path, we begin to see where are steps are headed and what our next move is. Ya know once you have one room clean, you stand back and say, "Wow", and you can't just stop there, it gives you the motivation to keep going, and once your done you may be tired, but it will be a good tired, a refreshing tired that seems to wash over you, one that you know has purpose. Just as we clean the weeds out of a garden, new flowers begin to sprout and take root. As the Son shines down upon us, we too can take root, we can be watered and refreshed by His grace, and we can begin to grow with Him, leaving behind who we were yesterday and becoming who He wants us to be today. So what is the plan for you today? For me, I have learned to ask the Savior that question, for I want to be just where He is, and if I keep moving forward I am going to find Him leading me all the way~


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