Monday, October 19, 2009

do you have disipline?

Colosians 3:1-2 " If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting a the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth." Here is another scripture that gives us the example that it isn't what is here on earth that is important, it is those things that have an eternal blessing. The things of this world are temporary, although they may be pretty, they may catch our eye, they may taste good, they may help us up the ladder according the worlds standards, but none of them are lasting. Most of the things that catch our eye are things of temptation that the world says we need in order to make us happy. Well, being happy is a feeling, and feelings change from day to day. What might have brought you happiness yesterday, today is not satisfying. When we train ourselves, when we ourselves use disipline in our lives, we begin to understand what is important and what we can let go of. Like driving at night, if you haven't had rest, if you are tired and weary, your drive is going to be a long one, and a dangerous one. Making it hard to keep your eyes open, and stay focused on the road. When we are over worked, things can distract us and through those distractions we can get hurt. That is why we must keep our eyes on the right things, we must have disipline to drive those long roads, and to keep focused on where we are going we have to stay alert. Once we come to know Christ as our personal Savior, our lives are no longer ours, they belong to Him, and when we allow Jesus to do the driving, He will get us to where our destination is. Like a child in a candy store, they walk in with their mouths wide open, and if it were up to them, they wouldn't just pick one candy, they would eat until they were sick, and then wish they had made better choices. We cannot walk this earth with our mouths wide open taking in everything that attracts us, we must know what to touch and what to keep away from, and our eyes can deceive us, just as when we are at a dinner and everything looks so good, you just heap your plate full, as you sit down and begin to eat, you soon realize you got more than what our body could take in before you are sick. Sin has a way of deceiving us, making us think we need all we can see, and all we can fit into our lives, but if we are totally focused on Christ He will help us overcome, and He will show us what we need to disipline ourselves. We just cannot take our eyes off Christ, for when we do, there is a billboard, a television show, a shop with hundreds of purses in it, there is a man showing us attention, there is lottery tickets to purchase when we go in to pay for our gas, and you know when you get to the check out aisle, it is bombarded with candy, magazines with all sorts of pictures that try to grab our attention. You fill in the blank with whatever temptation it is that you struggle with, now let Jesus fill you with His strength to overcome all our eyes see. We can overcome with Jesus, may we just keep our eyes focused on Him and not on the things of this world that will slowly take us farther and farther away from Him.


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