Thursday, October 15, 2009

do ya ever feel rattled just a little?

I have those days, those mornings that I get up and see all that is infront of me, and I just wanna stay in bed. You ladies know what I mean. You see the laundry, it seems to pile daily even though you are doing it daily. I haven't figured that one out quite yet. You can go through each room and think, "What happened in here?" You have your whole day planned out, and it never goes the way you think it should. Thats why I stopped carrying one of those daily planners, for me it is impossible to keep up. There is always something in front of us to do. I have those days, where I get up, my hair is in a ponytail, I have my husbands huge hunting socks on, I have these sweat shorts that are like four sizes to big, but oh so comfortable, and a big sweatshirt on praying no one comes to my door to see me this way. There are those days where I don't take a shower until its bedtime, and even by then, I am way too tired, so I just crawl back into bed and wake starting all over again. My husband has often said, "You need to plan better." To that I say, "You do my job for eighteen years and lets see how well the "plan" goes. Ladies we can plan all we want, but here comes the dog that got into the trash who now needs a bath, your son just threw up missing the toilet, the washer is off balance and is moving across the kitchen, your school work is not done, your mother just called, the phone will not stop ringing, and now its time for dinner! How can eight hours go by so fast and still your not done? I have those days where I just feel like giving up when all keeps crashing down on you. You feel like the more you do, the more there is to do. You have to make time for your children, your husband (who feels neglected), and for all those in line, still trying to keep your sanity. For the stay at home mom, I say, you are one special lady, for those of you who work outside your home too, I have no idea how you do it, but ya know what? As women, we always find a way, it always gets done, and it gets done with love, and the help of others. You can look into a woman's eyes and see when she is at the end of her rope, when her hair is messed up, she has this look of please help me before I explode! Yes, being a man is hard I am sure, I wouldn't want to try, but ladies being a woman is hard, its work, and I have to say its all worth it in the end. We may not hear the thank you's, we may have to pick up the shoes by the door twenty times a day, we might even fall asleep in the laundry, but God has gifted us, He has given us beautiful children, a husband who loves us, and friends on the other side of the phone to listen as the tears fall when you have burned your dinner. Don't give up today, keep going, keep living and enjoy every minute of the day no matter how hard, for its those tough things in life that often bring the most joy and teach us who we are. Often its in those unplanned moments of our day that bring us laughter and put a smile on our face. Proverbs 31:31 "Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." When we do all we do for the Lord, He will bless us, for we are His daugthers.


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