Saturday, September 26, 2009

whats your status?

As a friend and I were chating today we began talking about the status of people. Sadly, we judge others by what they do, how much money they have, what kind of house you live in, and who ya know. Has anyone ever felt that? Does it really matter what we do? To some I think it does. When you have a high paying job, if your a doctor, an attorney, have your own business, everyone wants to be your friend, but look out when you lose your job. When you lose your job, you have people asking many questions and some are judging. If someone asks, "What do you do?" and you reply, "I am layed off from my employer" you begin to hear the awe and hums from others. Now if you changed the way you stated that, and said," I have given my job to another so he could feed his family, and mine could sacrifice, that kind of puts a different spin on it, doesn't it? We tend to label people so much by what they do, where they work, or if they are a stay at home mom that you begin to try to redefine who you are, or your circumstances so they don't look so bad to others. Then you have to face those questions of, "And what is it that you do?" Your response may be,"I am a stay at home mom and have been for eighteen years", but they at times look at you like, oh, well then. They might even put their question as, "Do you work outside your home?" My response, as I sit there for a moment collecting myself is, " No, I have so many jobs at home I couldn't possibly find one outside of my home unless it was in the yard, taking care of the outside of my home!" I don't know how you stand on this subject, but for me, being a stay at home mom and homeschooling my children for eighteen years has been the hardest and most rewarding job I could ever ask for. I do not look down upon myself for being at home with my children, nor do I look down upon a woman who chooses to add on a different job to her resume'. At times I think we can lose sight of who we really are, and begin to choose our friends by what they can give us, or just how we will be accepted by others having them for a friend. We tend to look at a hard working trash collector as less of a person than a teacher. For every job there is, someone is qualified to take it, and to work as hard as they can giving 100%. But even so, our job does not define who we are. Who are friends are do not define who we are, just as how big our house is, what kind of car we drive, or what kind of clothes we wear do in no way define me. If I shop at Nordstroms or walmart, I still have to pay for my purchase. Anyone can walk around with many credit cards in their wallet, buying all they desire, but as those bills come in, they still must pay them. You can hear people trying to make themselves look better so others will accept them. But what is better, being who you are, and being proud and content, or struggling with trying to fit in? If you have to fit in, if you have to have the best, if you have to try to put up a front, girl, you don't want those kind of friends. I want a friend who loves me for who I am, not what I do. I want a friend who is going to stand by my side, whether my husband makes 70,000 a year or is layed off. Life is hard enough without others judging you and making you feel less of a person because you have a little less then them.As my daddy use to tell me, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." We will all go through trials or hardships in one way or another. Jesus loved everyone, He didn't pick and chose who could give Him what He needed. He didn't seek out the wealthy to have them on His side. He sought out the prostitutes, the poor, the hungry, He sought out everyone, rich or poor. We were all made by the same God, and we are all loved by the same God who calls Himself our Savior. There isn't one who is going to be of higher class in heaven. There will be no more classes by our color, our wealth, our job, or our family name. When we are really following Christ we don't make differences in people, we don't treat some more special because they have a little more, or "Work outside the home". I am glad, I am thankful I have a Savior who sees me as His child no matter if I am poor, stumbling, or have fallen flat on my face. Shame on us for making a difference in people, for thinking we are just a little higher up because of what we do or don't do. I am defined by my Savior and no one else, I am a child of the King, a royal blue blood. That for me, is all I need~


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