Sunday, September 27, 2009

just what if

Just what if we worried a little less about what others were doing and just focused ourselves, would there be a change? Just what if we looked up for all our needs instead of down upon ourselves, would there be a difference? Just what if we chose to forgive today instead of holding all the anger inside, would it make a difference? Just what if, what if we chose to love today, would it begin to change us and those around us? If we can take our eyes off of ourself, and place them upon our Savior, He will show us all we need to see, and we will have a new vision, a new attitude. One person can change the world, that one person who began our change was Jesus Christ. Just what if we followed His example of living, His example of loving others, His example for being a christian? He didn't make denominations, we did, so we if we stopped seperating ourselves, and instead came together on the belief that Jesus Christ is our Savior, who died for our sins, who rose from the dead and is coming again, do you think we could make a change? Instead of trying to change those around us, just if we met them where they are, loved them and let Jesus do the changing, can you see the glory already? When we step out of the way and let Jesus do the work on others hearts He makes great changes for His kingdom, we just have to be the willing vessels, with open hearts ready to go where He sends us. If we move forward and keep our eyes upon Him, He will take care of all that is behind us. When we open our hearts to Christ He can move through us, touching all we see with His love. Today can be the day those changes begin and they must begin in our heart before they begin in others. All may be wrong in the world today, but all can be right with Jesus Christ as our Savior. Today can be all it can be, it can be a day of new beginnings, of letting the old go, and allowing the new to shine through. Today can be the day we open our hearts and lift our hearts in worship. Today can be the day you choose to make the step towards a future with Christ. What if you did that today? It will be the greatest day of your life, it will be the day your heart is filled with a joy you cannot contain, and aren't meant to. Today can be a day you fill the love of Christ wash over you. What if today you give up yourself, and live for Christ? He will show you a new way, a better way, a way to an eternal future with Him. Lord, touch us today, break our hearts for you today Lord. May we look to You today and give praise to Your holy name, Jesus, the sweetest name I know.


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