Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Bye Mr.Swayze

I think you would be hardpressed to find a girl that was not in love with Patrick Swayze. Growing up in the eightes was a gift, it is was time of big hair(which I still seem to be in), leg warmers, your jeans rolled up on the bottoms to fit tight around your ankles. I remember when the movie came out. I went to see it in the theater, not just once, but five times. Who didn't come out of that movie wanting to dance? I was in love with this movie and so wanting to fall in love with that one guy who could make butterflies dance everytime you saw him. This was the movie that made you think about love, about friendship, and dancing, oh the dancing. What girl doesn't want a man who can dance, and not only dance, but stir her heart with each step. There were many movies that Patrick Swayze was in that I loved. He was not just a Hollywood actor, but he was a person, one who seemed to live out life to the fullest and not fall into the traps that many do. To be married to his beautiful wife for so many years, spending their lives together away from the Hollywood scene to give an example for others to see what love is. He seemed to be the guy you would want to get to know, the guy every girl wanted to love and the guy every guy wanted to be friends with. Time passes for us so quickly, and when one does pass, its at that time we begin to think of their lives, and the time they had here on earth, blessing others with their love or talent. Why do we wait, why do we not give roses to the living, why do we seem to take every moment for granit, that it will all be there tomorrow? Many actors have passed from this life to the next within a short amount of time, it is sad to see them go, but their memory stays with us, their talent and gift remains for others to see and at times come alive again for another generation to share in. My prayers go out to his wife, his family, and to his friends who loved him. I pray glory comes from his life, his struggle, and his death. As my father died of cancer, he was a fighter, just as Patrick Swayze was. He was a man who passed from this earth with dignity, and with a fight for life, not just hanging on for longer, but to live each day out as it was his last. What can we learn from the death of those around us? We can learn to live, to live each day to the fullest, to laugh, to share, and to open our hearts up to those around us. With each life comes a legacy, what legacy do you wish to live, to leave? To see him in movies, just as in Ghost, it wasn't the movie that told the story, it was the man who shared his talent and his heart with all to see. Some have said he never really made it to be a successful actor, well, that depends on what you call success. If we can live our lives with dignity, with a deeper meaning of life, and with each breathe we are giving to others, we are successful. Success isn't a Hollywood standard, its a standard in your heart. Its not how much money you possess, how many movies you made, or who you know, its how you lived your life, how you treated others, and how you received others. Thank you for the laughter, the stiring of the heart to desire more in life, and for your gift, your talent you gave for all to see, but more than that, you let others inside to see your heart. Goodbye Mr. Swayze


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