Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you hurting today?

Are you feeling the pain of loss today? Are you tired and restless in the night? Are your days cloudy and without the sun? So many times in life we make choices that have no consequence at the time. We are only concerned about the moment we are living in, but one day those consequences seem to rain down on us and not only us but those around us, those who love us, those who have watched us fall and have tried to pick us up, but we chose not to listen, we chose our own path. We also chose our future with those choices we made, not knowing just how much they would effect us later in life. There will come a day when our past decisions will touch those around us. Each decision we make impacts the lives of many. We often have the wrong idea that our choices are not going to touch others, but each one touches someone we love in a different way at a different time. Today you may not be the one who made the wrong choices, but you are the one being effected by those choices of another. That pain at times can feel worse, because you were not part of the choice made, but it effected you anyway. It still came into your reach and touched your life with an impact you were not ready for. We are often selfish creatures in nature, we often do not think of others, we are only thinking of ourselves, and our wants. But there will come a day when we wish we could take back those choices, that we could change the circumstances we are now facing. As young people we often do not feel the wave of our actions until we are older, but each cause has an effect, that effect depends on the choices we have made in life. We have to understand that we can only change ourselves, we cannot change other people. Although their actions may effect us, we do not have to own those actions, we can give that power to Christ to work in us and those who have caused the action. Our actions are like a ripple in the water. We often do not see all those who are touched by our actions, but nevertheless they are there feeling the pain today. So what can we do to overcome? We can dive in to Christ, we can make changes in our lives, changes that effect others for the good not the bad. We can leave the past behind us, and allow Christ to come in and make us new, washing away the pain, cleansing us in His righteousness. We don't have to allow the past to swallow us, we can begin new with Christ, letting Him renew us, refresh us, and teach us how to live again, or live for the first time ever. We can give life and joy or we can take life and joy away from others with our choices. What do you have facing you today? Let the anger go today, let the pride fall to the ground, make what is wrong right, and choose to live for Christ, choose life instead of pain. Don't give up on those around you who have hurt you, don't let Satan have the say in your life one more day, choose to let Christ control all around you. We may not be able to choose all that comes our way, but we do have a choice in what we do with it, in how we react to the choice of others. Your not alone in your pain today, Christ is there with you, He can pull you out of the pit you are in, He can wash away every sin, and He has the power to change lives, so what are you waiting for? What is keeping you from making the right choices? What is keeping you from living real life in Him? With Christ there is no limit to His power, to His mighty works, and with Him we can overcome anything that touches us. Let your pain go today whether you are the one who caused the pain or if you one who felt the ripple of it, let it go along with all your hurt, anger, and despair. Feel Christ wash over you. Today you can begin new with Jesus. There is nothing standing in your way of Christ except you. Christ can move those mountains, He can move those hurdles that are standing in your way of a new life. Choose today to make the right decision and Christ will show you a new way to life, a new freedom you have never felt. Today you can feel His wonder, because there is so much power in His name. Call upon Him today and He will answer you. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Psalm 130:7-8 "O Israel, hope in the Lord; For with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is abundant redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all its iniquities." Allow God to take those chains off of you today, and set you free in His forgiving love and amazing grace. Nothing can heal like the love of Jesus~


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