Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you offended?

As I look today and find a friend was taken off facebook for sharing how abortion is not the right choice I find myself asking when did we in our free country start to begin to hush those around us sharing the word of God? Are people sleeping out there that cannot see just where this is headed? When one person is hushed for speaking wise words, it will not be long until others follow, and soon no one will be able to speak the truth, and to share God's Holy Word. So this comes to the point of do we stay hushed or do we keep spreading the gospel to all those around us? If each person would stand for the other our country would be moving forward not backward. Free speech is something our country stands upon, or atleast did. Once we begin to take away a person's speech we begin to slowly take away all of our other rights too. For me as a christian I want to be able to share God's word with others, but I also think those that do not agree with me have that same right to share their thoughts. Just because we disagree with someone doesn't mean we have the right to hush them. We might be able to hush the person, but you cannot take the Word of God out of our hearts, nor our will to share Him with others. As I see others on facebook and different sites people are sharing everything. Even of facebook you can turn someone in for being offensive. Well, what is offensive? Anything that goes against what you think and believe? God's word is offensive. God's word is love, but it is also telling us how we should live according to our Savior. When we open our hearts to Christ, He will show us what we are doing wrong and what areas we need to change in order to bring glory to His name. Our country may try to take our freedoms away,but they will never be able to take Christ out of the hearts of those who love Him, nor our will to share Christ with others. We can go back to our founding fathers, those who signed the constitution, and formed the Bill of Rights, and see God in those words. God's Word will never change, it will forever stay the same. If His word is offensive to you, then He is speaking straight to your heart.


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