Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a new journey

As I am writing my blog I am almost to 500 posts now. That has been a goal of mine, and the Lord has blessed me. This adventure of writing has taken me on a few new adventures. I had "Are your babies growing too fast" printed in girlsgoneGod. That was really exciting for me to see my work in print somewhere else besides my blog. My new adventure will take me to writing reviews for christian books. This is really exciting for me, and its scary at the same time. If any of you out there are doing this now I would love to hear from you, to hear your advice, your wisdom and encouragement on this new road. So there is a great thing for you. As I begin doing the reviews I will start to have book- give-a-ways! There are some exciting books coming up and I can't wait to begin. So all of you who are following my blog will go on this great adventure with me. As with each new project that enters my life, I can feel God's presence with me, leading me, and that alone brings comfort. I never thought my writing would turn into a blog much less anything more. God has a purpose and a plan for all of us, and if we go to Him, with humble hearts He will show the way, open doors to new possibilities to share His word. I read many blogs and they are amazing in the heart and soul they have put into them. I have learned from many, many have shared advice with me and I am forever thankful to you. Although we can't always see what God has planned for us, I feel a great adventure coming on. I feel so small compared to all He has done in my life. Five years ago I began writing in my journal daily at night before I went to bed. I never knew sharing my heart would touch others, but I am humble before you and I am blown away by all God is doing. For my first journals, I have them tucked away in a safe place. They are for my beautiful daughters to have one day, so they may look back and see just how much their momma loved them. We all want to leave behind a legacy that speaks Jesus louder than anything in our lives. I pray these words written have touched others lives, made you think, helped you along the way, and brought you a little closer to me. Most importantly it is my prayer that these simple words have opened your eyes to a closer relationship with Christ. Although I struggle daily, there is no one that can take His place in my life. I have stopped searching for other things to fulfill me, I now know that Christ is the only one who can give me all I need and fill my heart full of joy. Please pray for me as I continue to grow in Christ and in life. Thank you so much for taking time to read my words, to share with me and take part in my passion of writing. Blessings to you~


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