Thursday, August 20, 2009

fill it up please

We need food to fill us up, to give us energy, and to keep us healthy. We need to eat a great breakfast to get us started on the right track and to keep our minds focused throughout the day. When we are not full, we feel those hunger pains, we begin to get tired, cranky, and we don't feel all that well. Our bodies will not function properly without good food. As they say,"You are what you eat" is true, when we eat bad stuff and treats all the time, it takes a toll on our bodies, but when we fill ourselves with good food, fruits and vegtables, it keeps us healthy. When we eat bad food we get crabby, but when we eat good food we are joyful. Good food just makes everything work together better. Just as you pull up to a gas station in your car, that you take care of well, you look at the pumps, you can either put in regular, unleaded, or premium. Now as our body is like this great car we have we want to take great care of it. We can look at the pump and see which one we want to fill up on. If we choose regular, what usually happens? Our car doesn't run the best. It might get you where your going, but the ride is not going to be so great. Now, just what if you pick out the premium? It is better gas, its better for your car, therefore your car is going to run better. Our relationship with Christ is just the same. We know where we are going, but the ride there might not be as great as it could have been if we filled up on the good stuff. If we decide to fill up on the bad stuff, if we decide not to study as often, make excuses not to be in Sunday School and church, if we are slacking on our prayer time, we are not filling up on the good stuff. If we are filling up on television, and all the world has to offer, we are only hurting ourselves in the long run. When we decide for ourselves what is best to fill up on, we are going to be striving for better. The more we strive to know Christ the more we want to know Him. The more we give ourselves to Him, the more He is going to bless us. We have to be wise on what we are filling ourselves up on, just like our bodies and are cars. Our bodies are God's holy temple, our cars are gifts from God, and we should be good stewards of them. We need to be filling our hearts, minds and soul with the word of God, we need to be putting in the premium, not just the cheap stuff to get us by. So what are you filling up on? Is your tank on full, or do you allow it to run on empty? Sisters and brothers, fill up on the good stuff, and it will take you far, and it will be the best ride you've ever been on... "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31


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