Wednesday, August 26, 2009

could you ever run out of words?

Can we ever run out of words to say about our Savior? As a christian can we have a conversation without speaking His name? Is there a day that goes by that we do not know we are here because of Him? Are there any amount of words that could describe Him enough? We can praise His name all day and never run out of words to speak to Him or about Him. Where He goes, I want to go, and where I go, I never want to go there without Him. He is every breathe that we breath, He is the life within us, and He is the Spirit that fills us. He is the great Redeemer, our Strong Tower, our Savior, our Strength, our Wisdom Giver, He is mercy, He is grace, He is love, and He is Mighty. He is Power, and He is Humble. He is a Servant, and He is a Giver. For me, I love the relationships I have with friends who speak His word in all we talk about. We could study Him daily, and never run out of things to learn. We could sing praises to Him without ceasing, and never run out of songs to sing. He is the Past, Present and Future. He is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. Is there anything we could say today that hasn't already been said? To think of God and all His strength, I feel so very small and insignifigant compared to Him. For us to look up at the beauty of the night sky, the moon and all the stars only shows His greatness. What is life without Him? There is no life without Him. He is the giver of joy, the giver of grace and mercy. He is our Creator, our Designer. To think of the human body and to know all the intricate parts, He made them all. There is nothing He doesn't know, all possibilities lies with Him. He still carries the scars on His hands and feet that bore the nails of the cross for us. For all the beauty that we see today, and to know heaven will only be magnified is uncomprehendable to me. I cannot even seem to grasp, to fathom all His greatness. I cannot wait to sit at His feet and to learn even more yet. For all that has gone on around us that has been unseen by our eye, to have Him show us in heaven all the wonders that we questioned here on earth to only have a yearning for more at His feet is so amazing. To read the gospels, and to read about His life only leaves us longing for more. To read the Psalms is only a beginning of the praises to come. To hold in our hands the sweetest book ever written by the Holy Spirit through men who were willing vessels is a gift within itself. To read the words that were spoken by Him, to know that one day, we will hear those words with our own ears is remarkable. His love is vast, and His forgiveness is neverending. If you don't know Him, make today the day you say His name. Make today the day you give your life to Him. May today be the beginning of a new life for you in Christ. Blessed be His name, for there is no other name as His..."Oh come, let us worship Him and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is our God, and we are His people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand." Psalm 95:6-7


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