Monday, July 13, 2009

What are you closer to?

Each day, with each decision we make, we are a little closer to Christ or a little farther away. Which direction are you moving in? Some days I can feel myself closer in my walk with Christ,and others, well, I can sure feel that I am farther away. How can I tell? By my actions, the words coming straight out of my mouth, how focused I am on my Savior. In reading the Heaven book by Randy Alcorn, he stated that our walk here on earth is either as close as we will get to heaven or as close as we will come to hell. That is a statement that can take much thought. When God made us, He gave us our own freewill. We are the ones responsible for our actions, our deeds, and our mistakes. We can not blame any other person for our walk. We are either going to obey and love Christ or we are not. God doesn't make us come to Him, although He wants all to come to know Him my name. With each word I speak I walk closer to Him or farther away. With each thought I have it is the same. The only thing we are not responsible for in this world is our salvation. That is all Jesus, it has nothing to do with us. We are simply saying yes to Him, when He calls. But all the rest, our actions and our way of life is all on us. The choices we make daily, are our own to make. We either accept God's wisdom and gain understanding, or we push Him out of the way to do our own thing. And when it is something we want to do so badly, we push Him out of the way, for we know in our deepest place it is wrong. Although choice is a six letter word, a small word, just with a big meaning. Within that meaning is where you and I stand each day, making choice after choice. Our Pastor always says,"Look at your life today, are you closer to Christ today than five years ago, or are you farther away?" Not only can we see this for ourselves, but others can see this through our walk. As each day our walk changes, may we be growing closer each moment instead of farther away


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